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Winner Creek to Crow Pass?

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  • Winner Creek to Crow Pass?


    I was just wondering if there is a connecting trail between the end of Winner Creek (at the hand tram) and the Crow Pass trailhead. Or would i just have to walk 3 miles down the road?

    Is it worth it to start the Crow Pass hike at Alyeska on Winner Creek vs. just the real trailhead farther back? the hand tram seems like a good start to the trip.

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    FWIW I just use the trailhead. But if you really want, go for it. Just a little more adventure as far as I'm concerned.
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      There's a relatively new trail called "Upper Winner Creek" that goes all the way up to a beautiful alpine pass on the divide with 20-Mile River. Personally, I love hiking but I can't stand hiking where I could drive, so I say keep the trips separate. I don't think there's a trail aside from the road anyway. There are some houses up there, on both sides of the road, so I can't see where a trail could possibly go in that narrow valley.


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