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  • hiking with dog supplies

    Does anyone here take there dogs on hunts/hikes??? i'm looking on advice for things to pack in my pack/my dogs pack so that we can accomidate our trips some will be a few days others up to 10. heres what i have so far

    his pack.

    small fleece blanket.
    enough food for our trip (plus some)
    rehydrate powder
    paw creme
    first aid kit (paw repair, dermabond, wraps, tape, stalpegun the medical one, gauze and disenfectant creme and antibiotic creme
    water treatment supplies I also carry in my pack
    toe nail repair kit

    I need other ideas I know this seems like a load but its so far relativaly light and hes a 110 pounds so they are recommending on ruff wear 30% of body weight so as long as i keep it within 25-35 pounds he will be ok plus it gets lighter every day.... maybe a water bladder depends on weight...
    anyone have any other ideas???
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    not sure what else but I am taking notes, THANKS!

    how about a water dish of some sort????


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      I was thinking a throw away bivy as well one if those medic orange ones they weigh practically nothing.... just in case the pup gets wet... i carry one myself to.... that or a shamwow so that you can dry the pup
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        I'm glad you started this thread; I am planning on taking my dog hiking this summer and am starting to train him on carrying a pack/weight. I have never hiked with a dog before so I will be taking notes on this topic, as well LOL!


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          yeah i have researched the web and nobody seems to have a sure fire list... i'm hoping to find a seasoned vet on the subject.
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            Dogs are very adaptable and resilient, short of trying to prep for a decent injury or cut, usually all you would need is food and water.

            My black lab, Kimber, did close to 400 trail miles last summer and she was a happy camper every trip. Because we do some decent river crossings I was gonna set her up with a floatation pack and let her haul around some booties for early summer when her paws aren't used to the terrain and some sort of sav and a few lb's of dry food.
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              I know there are a few guys on here that use their dogs on hike/hunts. Hopefully they will give some advice. JPOST?????


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                hunting buddys

                I don't claim to be an expert but I have taken my black lab hunting with me for 5 1/2 years. With some good old fashioned training (start early) and a good dog you can take them on all types of hunts. I got lucky and have a very well minded dog who basically goes everywhere with me including moose, caribou, sheep, grizzly, and predator hunts. Her first trip was a 10 mile hike into ANWR in April when she was 5 months old. She was so pooped after climbing a particular Mt on that trip that when I stopped to glass she was snoring within seconds, pretty funny! Oops, your looking for tips not stories...

                I bought her a Granite gear pack (saddlebags). It has held up O.K but the front corners sure take a beating in rocky sheep country, boulder strewn streams, and brush. I would recommend reinforcing the front corners with some HD cordura or ?? Apocolypse design here in FBKS sells saddlebags and they look pretty tough - might be worth the $$.

                Maybe I'm a bad dad, but all I pack for the dog is her food and a collapsible water/food dish. She sleeps in the tent on my rain gear or on a pad and parka if were winter camping. She is a 62 lb dog and a 1 qt ziploc full of food is enough for 1 day. I can get 10 qts (10 days) in her pack. Somtimes I also pack some high energy food for her which is usually moose fat or moose grissle/meat. She loves it and needs the extra energy on long multiple day hikes. Actually, a vet gave me a suture needle and thread and some antibiotic that I also pack - see I'm a good dad! I guess you might want to include a short leash. When I need to make the final stalk on an animal I drop my frame pack, give the dog something to lie on next to the pack, and tell her to stay. If your dog won't stay on it's own just attach the leash to your frame pack. Of course don't go holding me accountable if your dog takes off across the Brooks Range with your $600 Barneys pack! Actually, tying your pooch to a pack for short periods might be a good training exercise for the real deal?

                When we leave camp for a day hike I leave her food in the tent (under some gear to help hide the smell from critters) and I make her carry my water bottle, xtra gloves, food, gps, etc. The look she gives me ain't pretty but she get's over it.

                Here is a tip for you dog lovers. Pretty much all big game animals have plenty of fat, grissled meat, tendons, and trimmings that I don't want to include in my grind meat. I save every bit of it which is quite substantial on a moose and I boil it in a great big pot outside. I let it cool and then put it in 1 gallon baggies and give it to her as a supplement to her food. It's a shame to throw out all those "dog scraps". Of course the dog loves it and her coat shines like a new penny.

                Some important things that will make your dog a good big game hunting buddy are to know the heal command by voice and hand signal, other hand signals, sit and stay, dissuade barking, and don't let them range too far. Well, I have rattled on long enough, good luck to all you dog trainers!
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                  This is a great post. I'm glad somone started it. I was recently given (by my awesome bro in law) a female springer spaniel. She's about 4 months old now and I've been looking all over for books on backpacking with dogs. I've never tried it but this dog LOVES the outdoors so I went to the Kenai public library. They had several books on the subject, they were a great wealth of info. I have already started trying some of the things in the books and so far so good. I dont remember the book titles and have since returned them sorry. But try the public library. I was kinda sceptical about taking my dog moose and caribou hunting, glad to see there are others doing it. I'm psyched about training my pooch for it now!

                  Thanks William


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