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  • Anchorage Area Early Spring Hikes

    I'm new to the area and am looking to get out and hike some this spring before a mid-May bear hunt and was wondering if any of the nearby trails are snow free yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Not snow free, exactly, but there are plenty that are packed enough for some good hiking. Mt. Baldy is in good shape. Drive out to Eagle River and take the Hiland Road/Eagle River Loop exit. Follow this road past Wal-Mart. Near the top of the hill (right as it starts curving to the left) you'll find Skyline Drive on your right. Take this road to its very end, park, and hike up. There are steep pitches, but it's a good little hike for training. At the top you can follow the ridge as long as you'd like. Other good options to the south of Anchorage are McHugh Creek, Falls Creek, and Rainbow. All of these get a lot of wind and are thus clear of snow quite early.


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      yeah, baldy has a well worn (slippery) trail up it. as does the back route that comes up to the ridge that connect baldy and blacktail rocks.

      now through mid-May, there will still be a whole lot of snow. Try powerline pass (off of glen alps), there should be some well worn trails through there. be careful on what kind of slopes you get on. avalanche conditions are pretty prime and in the spring, you can get more wet avalanches. you will still be post-holing a lot in the spring. snowshoes will help a lot.


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        Spring hikes

        If you want to get a good workout, the Bird Ridge trail is usually snow and ice free fairly early due to its southern exposure. You can hike uphill, gain a lot of elevation quickly, and stop when the going gets too slippery and then head back down.



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          yeah, i forgot about bird ridge, haven't done it, but i know plenty of folks who were able to do it in april


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            Don't wait

            Bird Ridge is plenty doable right now. So is Wolverine, Rainbow, training buddies have been at it for weeks now. Nice but not necessary: trekking poles & traction enhancement (lightweight crampons), gaitors. Good ol' trail running shoes, wool socks, winter running/hiking gear and a good wind breaker is about all you need.

            Get out there and enjoy! Snow, mud, and water are not excuses! ;-)


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              Originally posted by hre814 View Post
              yeah, baldy has a well worn (slippery) trail up it. as does the back route that comes up to the ridge that connect baldy and blacktail rocks.
              Baldy is hiking great right now. I just got down from my fifth climb up it in the past two weeks, and it is just hitting its prime. The snow is still solid, but soft enough that it's easy to kick steps in the steepest inclines. There's practically a staircase up it right now, and in many ways it's an easier hike now than it is in the summer.


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                I concur

                Been beating up on Wolverine for awhile now. Only had time for below false peak after work tonight though. Getting around with 60lbs very easily these days. Lots of good stuff out there...all winter really.


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                  Well we cleared falls creek for you today. Steady solid snowhoe trail all the way to the lake.

                  Strap on just after the first slide, bring some poles.


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                    Idid the trail from indian to the pass last weekend and the one before that. Now you can do the first 4 miles without snowshoes, only light snow and mud. The next 2 miles to the pass still have a couple of feet of snow, but are easily doable with snowshoes. If you do not want to climb mountians this is an easy trail. It only rises 2000 feet in 6 miles.
                    It ain't about the # of pounds of meat we bring back, nor about how much we spent to go do it. Its about seeing what no one else sees.



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