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    Looking at doing some backpacking in the Brook's range this summer. Anyone have any good advice on crossing streams and rivers around Atigun pass? Are they crossable on foot? If so, how many? All?

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    not trying to be a smart ass, but have you looked at the map of the area you are interested in? i haven't been there myself. are you looking at doing a basecamp set up and hike out from there, a point to point hike, a circuit? i guess the number and quality of river crossings you want to do would depend on the type of hike/trip you are planning. this may help others chime in with good answers on what you may have to encounter. good luck planning, looks beautiful out there!


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      You need to talk to someone that has been there. Shoot Buck Nelson a pm. Find him on the member list or a previous post. He has many post here on the Hiking forum. He has a thread on the first page in fact, "Hiking across Alaska..." He has hiked that are (and the rest of the Brooks Range). Nice guy too.
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        I've been doing some very close study of the area. Looks like quite a few rivers/streams right off the Dalton Highway. Probably will be doing base camp type hiking. Launch point will probably be right at Atigun Pass.


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          Coldfoot Camp

          For what it's worth, I did some hiking just north of Coldfoot and the stream I crossed was no more than 12 or 15 inches deep with a moderate wasn't too bad at all with a walking stick. Just take it slow. Time of year was 2nd week of July, though, so the earlier you go in the summer the more swollen the streams will be, of course.


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