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    In early August, I will be traveling with a group of four to six hiking Resurrection Pass. We are going from Hope to Cooper Landing over eight days, giving us plenty of time to fish, hunt small game, and hike off trail. We have reserved forest service cabins for each night, starting with Caribou Creek, then East Creek, Devil's Pass, two nights at Swan Lake, Juneau Lake, and finally Trout Lake.

    Any advice from those who have hiked Resurrection over the years would be appreciated, especially information regarding brief detours or fairly recent information about cabin sites, such as the availability of wood.

    Thanks in advance....

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    take a detour out the Devils Pass trail a mile or two toward the highway -- very pretty and some nice side hiking in the valleys and up some steep but very do-able mountains. You'll appreciate the view!


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      We did the hike last year and are going to do Devil's pass to Cooper this year, awesome hike.

      There is plenty of wood available, except for the Devil's pass cabin, there is an oil heater there.

      We didn't do any side hikes as we did the entire trip in 3 days so we were wore out by the end of each day. This year we are doing a shorter version so we can bring the poles and do some fishing.



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        We've hiked the trail a lot- you'll have a great time, if the weather cooperates. Hey, it could happen!

        As for side trips, we've been up the American/Afanasas passes between East Creek and Devil's Pass- gorgeous area, nice ridge hiking, and lots of blueberries in season. There's a trail that branches off the main route just north of Resurrection Pass- kind of hard to spot, but it's there. As you come up from East Creek, you kind of top out on a knoll above treeline where the trail flattens out toward the pass. Just past that knoll, look on the downside of the trail as you head south and if you're lucky, you'll spot the path across the stream. Good luck.

        At Swan, troll small Mepps spinners behind the rowboat- one year we caught rainbows, Dollies, lake trout and reds on the same day.

        You should find ptarmigan above treeline, and grouse in the spruce, especially between Swan and Juneau Lakes and beyond.

        As for wood, you shouldn't need much at that time of year, and you'll probably have to harvest your own.

        Good luck- if you've got any more questions, reply here, or drop me a note at [email protected]. See ya!


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          Great advice, folks. Much obliged.


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            Not sure if it is needed, but I found out today about Girdwood Shuttles. They can help getting back to the trailhead (rental car) if needed. They have a website of course by the same name. Not cheap, but convenient.
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