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  • Tutka Bay Grace Peak

    Have any of you hiked across Grace Peak out of Tutka Bay across from Homer? I was going to hike this in the early summer and wondered how the trail is. The State Park site was ok, but not too descriptive. I'd appreciate any input. I'll be taking my wife and we don't want to get into something we can't handle. Looks fairly reasonable from maps, but would like some first hand information if possible.

    Thanks in advance.


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    grace ridge

    that is certainly one of the best hikes in the park.
    trail conditions vary according to snow levels, often there are snow fields to be traversed even in early july. the most popular thru hike is to get dropped off in tutka and hike out to kayak beach. the most common difficulty folks have is finding the trailhead leading off the ridge down to kayak beach, but having a map and compass and knowing how to use them and you will be fine.
    there is a great book on the trails across the bay by Josh Duffus.. you should be able to pick it up at any bookstore.
    there is decent anchorage at the tutka end of the trail, anchorage at the kayak beach end is not as good, you need to know where some submerged rocks are. lots of hikers just do up-and-back from the kayak beach trailhead.
    there are rental yurts at both ends of the trail
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      Thanks. We plan on taking the boat over and trekking up. May start at the Bay end since it has a better anchorage. We're scouting it for a Goat hunt in August or September. Want to get more familiar with the land. I've fished and boated around the area, but no land activities. Fortunate to get a draw this year (GS362), so I don't want to be unprepared. During the hunt we'll be leaving the boat anchored/moored for a day or three, depending on if/when a goat wanders in front of the scope. I'll have to check on the Yurts.

      Thanks for the Help. Maybe we'll see you down there.



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        I meant DG362. My bad.



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          Great hike!

          Great hike! Got a 6'4" blackie up there a couple of years ago. If you got from kayak beach be carefule right before you get to the alpine tundra. Late in the season the over growth was bad. You will have to get off the beaten path for Billies though. A couple peaks over and back there should be some awesome billies back there. But not too many on the waterside of the mountain. Alot of black bears though so be on your tippy toes. You should be able to combo out so have a Blackie harvest ticket too. Hope all goes well post your story and pics too. You should be able to get cell phone reception also up on the alpine tundra of grace ridge also. Again good luck, be safe. The trail can get washed out.



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            Thanks for the advise. I'll watch out for the Blackies. Guess I should get a friend to go with me so I don't have to carry by myself and let them be the bear hunter. We could both get lucky.



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