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  • Internal Frame Packs/Sleeping Bag for Res Trip


    Got back from a wonderful hike on the Res trail from Hope to Cooper. I am inspired and will be doing many more hikes in the future. I need to update my gear and am looking for recommendations on a few items. Using this hike as a reference for what I would need --- this year I used my Cabela's Alaska II external frame pack. It worked fine, but was complete overkill. It is great for hunting trips, but at 10 pounds empty, not what I want to use in the future. Any recommendations on internal packs for this trip next year? Secondly, I used a North Face Tundra -20 sleeping bag. I love this bag, but it was too warm to sleep in and bulky on my pack? Any bag recommentdations as well?



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    Go over to Wiggy's Alaska and talk to Marc. (Dimond and Old Seward) He has some great internal frame packs and customizes the hip belt. The Wiggy's sleeping bags are reportedly very good, I don't have one, yet, but my buddy swears by them. The 0 degree bags weighs four pounds I think. Anyway, it wouldn't hurt to look.


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      packs and bags

      Hi Gus,

      I use a Gregory internal frame pack. It has been great and held up really well to a lot of abuse. I use it for regular backpacking/hiking and it has also been used to haul caribou quarters. No problems. Although the blood smell is hard to get out.

      I agree with Bill about the Wiggy's sleeping bag. I bought the zero degree bag from Marc several years ago. Four pounds, as Bill mentioned. The only complaint that I may have is that it may keep you TOO warm. But then, just unzip it a little bit and you'll be fine. Stuffs into the bottom of my Gregory pack for a perfect fit.



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        After much research I just bought a North Face Cat's Meow. Rated to +20. Just under 3lbs for the regular length, 2lbs 12oz I think. Used it on a 12 day sheep hunt and it was great. Had some warm nights and I was hot. Some cooler nights (around maybe 35-40). Nothing below freezing yet. Climbed in wearing wet socks one night. Woke up with dry socks and feet and moisture on the outside of the bag at my feet. Warm and dry inside. Pretty good value and worth looking at.
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