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    I want to buy 2 persons Hiking Tent in Australia. Anyone suggest me the good brand or website?

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    For hiking I've had my best luck with Big Agnes brand. My experience with Big Agnes is that a two person tent means two people sleeping next to each other with very little room for gear or to move around. For two people I'd go for a 3 or 4 person tent.


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      Where in Australia? Further north you go, rain is less of an issue. Bugs will be everywhere. I spent a week at Cape Tribulation a lifetime ago in a $30 dome tent and had no problems. That same tent died a month later under the harsh new Zealand weather.


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        I would rather use hammock. But it depends on a specific situation. When I've been in a long-distance trip in our nearby forest, I knew that there would be no danger to sleep just between trees, and it would pretty comfortable to sleep exactly in a hammock. So long story short, I've visited this buying camping hammock article, which has been recommended to me by my friend, and after some comparisons I have chosen an Eno JungleNest hammock. It's the best choice, in my opinion.
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          Kelty, MSR also make good hiking tents. It really depends on the use and environment as well as the importance of weight and ease of setup. As was suggested, get bigger than you need because it gets cramped and having a little extra space is nice. REI has some nice choices to look at online.


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