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Do you pack your toiletries in your BRC?

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  • Do you pack your toiletries in your BRC?

    While hiking Lake Clark National Park later this August, i plan to use the triangle method for sleeping, cooking and food storage.
    Since keeping smelly stuff downwind and away from your sleeping quarters is key, do you put your toiletries (toothpaste, tooth brush, baby wipes, etc.) in your BRC? What about your cooking pot (assuming you do more than just boil water in it) and your eating utensil?

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    I sleep with the cooler as a headboard and the stove is near my feet (but there's also a 12 gauge and a .44 magnum in reach), once a bear raids your food, you're out of food.

    In my experience it's easier to keep a bear out of the cook tent than it is to get a bear out of the cook tent.

    Others mileage may vary...
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      If I go through the trouble of hanging my food bag up in a tree or using a Bear Resistant Container I usually just put in anything that might smell attractive to a bear such as tooth paste, etc., in it.


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        I've done a lot of hiking, horsebacking over many nights, fishing, camping and I find that keeping your camp "clean" is the most important thing you do. No bacon (or really smelly food like that) and wash down any and all blood. I've never had any problems although I once was in a tight wash where bears literally would brush the side of my tent at night as they walked around it...was a strange feeling knowing how close they were, but I was too tired from the big climb to even care.
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