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Turquoise to Upper Twin hike end of Aug. '18

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  • Turquoise to Upper Twin hike end of Aug. '18

    Hey Everyone! Great forum you've got here!

    A few weeks ago i booked my flights to visit Alaska which is a long time dream of mine! While i'm only 38, i've had a draw to this state for quite some time.

    The ultimate goal of the trip is to visit Dick Proennkes cabin (in Lake Clark National Park) and spend some time around there.
    So i've got a week planned for my visit. I'll be getting dropped of on Turquoise Lake and backpacking my way down to Upper Twin. I'm figuring ~3 days for the hike, more or less depending on weather, sites, etc. The rest of the time i'll be staying at Hope Creek down the shore from his cabin and doing day hikes out from there as well as some fishing.

    My plan is to hike the western edge of mountains between Turquoise and Lower Twin. I've been talking with a park employee and i think he's got me dialed in on a natural salt lick that the goats hang out at. So that's on my list.
    Curious if anyone else here has done this hike and knows of any other sites (waterfalls, animal hangouts, etc.) worth visiting between those 2 lakes? I'd also be interested in day hikes from Dicks cabin as well.

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    I've not hiked that route, but it sounds like an epic trip. Hope you have a great time!


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