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Any guided hikes on Kenai River Trails?

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  • Any guided hikes on Kenai River Trails?

    We'll be in Kenai in August, and we're trying to find a guided hike on August 5th for these trails. I've not been able to find a guide. Can anyone point me to one? Thank you.

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    Not sure about the dates but if you call the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge they should be able to tell you what is available. Might even have a guided Ranger led hike that day, they can be kind of fun and are definitely family-friendly.
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      Are you talking about the Kenai River Canyon Trail or Russian River Falls Trail, specifically? There aren't many "kenai river" trails, but all the trails you would be interested in are well marked and have posted road signs. You really don't need a guide unless you just want someone to teach you about flora and fauna. If you want a guide, maybe check out some of the Cooper Landing outfits like Alaska River Adventures or Kenai River Drifter's lodge.


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        The Kenai Peninsula Outdoor Club often schedules hikes in that area. You can join the group and watch for posted events.
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