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  • Lake Clark in July

    Hey folks,

    Have any of you been out to Lake Clark? I am thinking about heading out to Lake Clark in July next year. This will be my first trip to Alaska (though not my first off trail trip) and I'm trying to determine a route.
    My current idea is here:
    The plan is to hike over six days in mid-July. Option 1 is my preferred route, with option 2 as the backup if option 1 seems too difficult.
    Anyone ever been in/around this area? Does this seem reasonable?

    The only other post I saw on here recommended calling the ranger station, but I'm assuming they're closed now. Not sure when they reopen...
    I'm also definitely not looking for a guided trip, so I don't feel up to calling a guide service for advice.

    Also, any recommendations for plane service--I am currently looking at Lake Clark Air.


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    There is some rugged country around there. If fished the lake just to the north of Lake Clark, very dense forest, very steep.


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      I've fished Lake Clark and accompanied friends on a hunt. Haven't been to Twin Lakes yet, and I don't have any advice regarding your proposed routes.

      As for air travel, I've flown Lake & Peninsula Air a few times, and I highly recommend them, and you can't go wrong with Lake Clark Air.

      And, yes, the visitor center is closed for the winter, but I believe their number is 781-2117.


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        Don't quite understand..... you say you're going to Lake Clark, but the link that shows your routes go from Telaquana to Twin...???

        If it is indeed Lake Clark you're headed to, you do know that there is a trail all the way from Old Village on the west end of Telaquana all the way to Lake Clark don't you...??? But it's a heck of a lot longer than 6 miles. Don't know where you're getting your mileage but my map says more like 25 miles or so just from Telaquana to Twin. Then about that much again on to Lake Clark......
        Sheep hunting...... the pain goes away, but the stupidity remains...!!!


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 mistake, you said 6 days not miles.......

          Oh and btw..... I don't know for sure as it's been a few years, but there is/was a couple that lived year round on Telaquana. Nice folks. They would be the people to talk to. Don't know how you'd get a hold of them tough..........maybe call the Forestry Service?
          Sheep hunting...... the pain goes away, but the stupidity remains...!!!


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            National Park offices are staffed at some level all winter. So you should be able to talk to somebody at the Lake Clark office if you call. I have hiked around the southern shore of lower twin and flown the entire route. By Alaska standards it is pretty good hiking.
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              Thanks for all the advice. I'll have to try giving the national park office a call.


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                Me too. I'm planning on flying to Telaquana Lake on July 17 and back to Anchorage from Twin Lakes on July 23.

                This is the route I've been considering: http://adventure.nationalgeographic....lark-hike-map/

                If you'd like to discuss possibly cooperating (e.g. sharing the plane to reduce the cost) then please send me a Private Message).


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