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Base Camping from Crow Pass Trail

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  • Base Camping from Crow Pass Trail

    I haven't lived in Alaska in several years and will be taking my wife and father in law up from Mississippi this coming June . I'm looking to hike up to crow pass and potentially base camp nearby in order to climb the local peaks. I have a fair amount of alpine experience and my wife is learning [emoji39]. We can spend as many as six days in the backcountry.
    Any advice on the trip or ideas for an alternative? We are familiar with basic mountaineering, ie ice tools and crampons.

    Any idea what temps we will be facing and potential snow levels?

    I know this is a large post but I'm looking to learn as much about the area as possible.

    Thanks ahead of time.

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    Temperatures can be highly variable in the mountains in June. I've experienced everything from mid-70s to falling snow. Layers is the key to clothing choices - be ready for a wide range of temperatures, for rain, and certainly for wind.

    Snow will be present up in the pass and on the flanks of mountains. Most peaks will be climbable without crossing much snow, but the top of the trail will potentially still be buried.

    If I were going to spend six days out there climbing and hiking, I would spend the first 2 days camped somewhere around Raven Gorge while enjoying the alpine from there, and then I would spend the rest of the time camped at Thunder Gorge. Both places will provide access to some excellent climbing.


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      Thanks very much!

      Are there any maps or resources that you suggest in particular?


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        Check out the Mountaineering Club of AK ( Cheap to join and they have a wealth of info online and in past issues of the Scree which you can download once you've paid your $15.


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