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    This is cool! I have been looking for a hiking forum for months! I live in Anchorage, and we are looking for other local hikers to network with. We are especially interested in talking to anyone that knows a decent babysitter! We don't need one that often, but when hiking comes into play, its been tough. Hubby and I can hike to Thunderbird falls within a few hours but I doubt my six year old and three yr old will be able to handle it. We are taking them on their first "night hike" on the 21st, weather permitting. I cannot believe the week of rain ...ugh..will completely mess up my solstice plans. If it were just hubby and me it would be okay, but the kids aren't ready for wet-hiking yet. Both are pretty accomplished climbers for their ages, but they have no experience with wet slippery rocks etc on heights much taller than they are. Anyway, I thought I would post a hello to all the fellow hikers.

    We hike in Chugach Park and Far-North with the kids. Hubby and I are looking forward to exploring the woods this summer . We both grew up playing in forests and we came up here partially because we wanted our kids to be able to do the same thing. Look forward to reading about the different hikes. I have been as far as Thunderbird Falls. Got some glorious pictures from there, and to the top of Flattop...harddway up easy way down . We have thoroughly explored Kincaid Park. I think that is the best place to start with kids. Its a great big area and easy to get out of if you get turned around. Our kids are pretty familiar with Kincaid and like it alot. So many pretty things there. We are lucky to have kids that look forward to shopping for hiking boots though.

    Okay that's me in your basic nutshell.


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    Hello Heidi,

    Welcome to Outdoors Directory! You guys are gonna love this place. Most of my hikes are associated with hunting or fishing, but I've always been interested in the Chugach hikes. Have you folks done Crow Creek Pass yet?

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      Welcome, Heidi! This is indeed a great place to share info on hikes and to ask questions. I've been exploring the Chugach and Kenai Mountains (and a few in the other ranges) for 20+ years, and I'm by no means the most experienced on here. I don't have any babysitter suggestions, but I'm always willing to talk hiking!



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        My first hike was the Ressurection Trail. From Hope to Coopers landing. Its around 40 miles. We do it in 4 days. Ive done it three times, normaly go every June but didnt get to go this year due to work. It isn't a very hard hike. The first year I did it I had 65 pounds in my pack. I'm a pretty big guy, but theres been little kids along and they did just fine. Very pretty up there too. We stay at public use cabins along the way.


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          Hiking with kids

          I think that your kids will surprise you. I also think that its cool that you take them hiking which will keep them healthy and fit. I am just starting to hike with my 1.5 year old but he loves being in the outdoors. This Spring we took him several hours up Resurrection trail and he seemed to love it! Like you mention I am avoiding any steep trails or narrow sections and I would research trails before trying any new ones with kids. We tried Crescent lake last year when he was an infant and the skitos ate him alive. I am experimenting with bug suits and repellent to solve that problem. He loves sleeping in tents though. Right now his biggest problem hiking is he wants to look at everything so its really slow going. But it wont be too long before he is leaving me in the dust! Have fun.

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