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    Hi, I'm new to the forum (Hello :]) and fairly new to Alaska. I will be doing the 6 hour bus trip to Wonder Lake and I heard there is a dome hike located near the campsite. Can anyone tell me the specific name? Also, any favorite hikes (Easy-difficult) near wonder lake campsite? And any advice on other great campsites I could hit another night? I've been searching but I'd like to hear some other ideas. Thanks a bunch!! I searched for Denali hiking and didn't find anything, so sorry if this is a repeat question.

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    There's a hill/ridge above the campground that doesn't have a name. Also, there is the Skyline Road to the Wickersham Dome in Kantishna, but that's not particularly close to the campground -- I'm going to guess 7-10 miles. The only official trail near the campground is the McKinley Bar Trail to the river. The trail is about 2.4 miles each way. We find most folks take one of the early camper buses back east, to access hiking in drier, less insect-inhabitated areas, i.e. around Eielson VC, Thorofare Pass, or Highway Pass.

    When you arrive at the park, you can check out what backcountry units are available for camping off the road. There are 6 campgrounds in the park, and information on each is here:


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