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Bomber Glacier, Hatcher Pass

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  • Bomber Glacier, Hatcher Pass

    I am thinking about trying to go to the bomber glacier in Hatcher Pass in 2 weeks and see the old crashed bomber there. I heard that you have to cross over a glacier to get to it. Is that true? If so, can i cross the glacier safely? I have little to no glacier experience and don't want to put myself in any undue risk. I read somewhere that the glacier is fairly "benign". Whatever that means. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Bomber Hike

    Your plan to go in 2-weeks may be a little early. We took a group of scouts in late July last year. Any earlier than July and the bomber may still be covered with snow.

    The glacier is nothing to worry about, it is just like a big sheet of ice with rocks scattered over it. We used crampons but I think a person could make it without them.

    We took two days but if you are in good shape and get a real early start, I think the hike could be completed in one long day. Good luck.


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