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Crow Pass snow?

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  • Crow Pass snow?

    Did anyone backpack Crow Pass over Memorial weekend? How was the snow?

    I'm looking to do it June 10-12 and would really appreciate any info about current trail conditions.


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    I did the girdwood side and the trail is snowed over in many spots. I would have been able to get through it with a little effort but I had my old boxer with me and it would have been hard for her to navigate safely. I turned around near the three mile mark.

    I would recommend it for a grown man but not women, children, or pets.
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      If anyone's interested, I hiked to the cabins near the pass from the Girdwood side on Saturday and there was a continuous stretch of snow that starts about 1/2 mile before the pass and continues about 1/8 mile on the ER side. Doable, but 3/4 of a mile through rotten, soft snow is not much fun. I'm going to give Crow Pass about another month before backpacking through.


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        Thanks for the information, the "scouting trip", you made. The Crow Pass crossing is one of the hikes i do about every two-out-of-three years. Kind of a "seasonal test", a conditioning test of myself as sheep season approaches. Last two weekends in June are usually just fine with only a patch or two of snow high on the Girdwood end.
        ....a great hike. Short enough to comfortably do in weekend without using annual vacation time. Long enough for some soul searching silent discussions with myself.
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