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Looking for a good 3ish day backpacking trip near Anchorage/Chugach/Kenai

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  • Looking for a good 3ish day backpacking trip near Anchorage/Chugach/Kenai

    Will be in AK for the first time, traveling with my wife, sister, and brother-in-law in mid-August. All experienced hikers, all have backcountry experience, and we're looking for a 3-4 day trip. Doesn't have to be crazy, but we'd love to see some of the local beauty.

    Some preliminary research led me to the Crows Pass Trail. Any thoughts on whether this would be a good trip?

    We're also looking to do some kayaking for the rest of our trip. Some experience kayaking in the Channel Islands off CA coast, but not a ton of open water experience.

    Any recommendations would be appreciated! We want to be adventurous, but not stupid!



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    You might check into Ressurection pass trail in cooper landing and Hope.
    The cabins may be booked already you would have to check but that is a beautiful area.
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      Crow Creek Trail in Girdwood or other trails in the Chugach would be a good choice- well marked and relatively easy. You could do worse than kayaking from Whittier out to Pigot Bay for a weekend. Water taxi in Whittier can drop you and then paddle back.
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        I think the Resurrection Pass trail would be a good choice too. Start on the Hope end and come out on the Sterling Highway. We did it last year in 5 days but we layed over a whole day at Juneau Lake just hanging out.

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        There are cabins that can be rented but its probably too late to rent them in time to get one each nite...You can find them here-
        Select Alaska and Chugach to search

        We're going back up in June in that area, but we're taking Summit Creek trail up to stay in the Devils Pass cabin 3 nights and then coming back out the Devils Pass trail. We just want to hang out in the "Pass" section for a while exploring in the mountains.


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          Agree with Hodgeman...that Crow Pass Trail from Girdwood-the best end to start from- to Eagle River. Is it 24 or 28 miles? See som Black bears, pwerhaps a brown, propably some moose, Mt Goats if you are lucky.
          Raven gorge is wonderful. Take time to seee Eagle Glacier. Cool off hot feet crossing Eagle River...arm and arm together during the Am when water, water coming off Eagle Glacier, is lowest.
          Trail will be snow free wnen you are up here in AK.
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            I don't wanna hijack the thread but I too am looking for about the same distance hike, around Anchorage OR Juneau. What has been mentioned so far for anchorage has been stuff I've been looking at for the past week and looks pretty good. My only concern is I really want something more wooded, which I'm guessing means I'll have to be in the Tongass. Any good 3-4 day, 20-30 mi. hikes near Juneau in the Tongass?


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              Crow creek pass

              I have done Crow Creek Pass and it is one of the best backpacking trips that is very local. Trail is fairly easy, one way runs about 26 miles or so. Start at Girdwood to get the climbing done first end at the Eagle River Nature Center. Its all up hill until your reach the pass which sits about 3900 feet or so. You shouldn't need snow shoes that time of year to get across. Once at the pass its pretty much a down hill hike.

              Have someone pick you up at the Nature Center and make sure they bring you some fine Alaskan micro brews.

              Cell phone coverage is very spotty if not nil at the Nature Center, but the center does have a phone if you arrive when they are open.

              BRING A CAMERA!!!! You WILL see lots of wildlife: Black/Brown bears, moose, sheep, marmots, eagles. They are all over the place. You will also see glaciers, cliffs, mountains, waterfalls, and lakes.

              You will have to cross Eagle River. Bring an extra pair of old sturdy shoes to cross. Depending on time of day/weather you may have to sit there and wait for the river height to lower. The ford is clearly marked and cant be missed. Hang right and follow river upstream till you see the posts. Some people have missed the marking by not going further. The water is glacier fed and is COLD. Warm up on the other side.

              There are numerous campsites along the trail with fire rings at each site. Use them.

              Fresh mountain streams are everywhere. Treat your water and enjoy the coldness of the hydro.

              Bring some type of protection being a firearm or bear spray. Look high for the bears, they may be high looking for berries to eat that time of year. Speaking of berries there are a ton of them up there to harvest and enjoy.

              Learn how to deal and camp with bears if you have no experience in bear country.

              Need a map? Get a Chugach State Park map.

              Have fun and enjoy. This trip can be broken down in two, three or four days. I would take 4 to offer the chance to explore and take in the scenery. I gaurnetee you will not regret this trip.

              Safe Travels!!
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