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Find a waterproof pant for myself

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  • Find a waterproof pant for myself

    Ok everybody, I have done a decent ammount of looking around the forum
    and have not come up with much that tells me what I want to know. I am
    really in the need for a pair of waterproof pants. In the fall and
    early winter here in central Illinois, it gets wet. I will be biking a
    lot and need something waterproof. Eventually, my rides will be 20
    mins plus so I will need something that will keep me pretty dry. I
    will not have the ability to shower normally considering i m
    going to classes and such here at ISU. I was looking at gortex, it
    sounds good, maybe a little hot, and rather expensive, but waterproof.
    Pertex also sounds nice accept I have a feeling I would end up a tad
    damp by the time I got to class. Really, I'm looking for most
    breathable and most waterproof. Any and all suggestions area welcome!
    thanks a lot!!
    By the way,what about this waterproof pant?
    I find it in google search.

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    Looks like a pretty good pair of pants. I personally find new arcteryx gear a little overpriced. I am partial to any waterproof Patagonia gear.


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      Good price on some GREAT gear. Definitely worth a try, their gear is expensive but amazing.

      Nurse by night, Alaska adventurer by day!


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