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non-Alaska climbing pictures thread

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  • non-Alaska climbing pictures thread

    Been here a year but haven't climbed here, yet. Didn't want to clutter up the photo thread with garbage from outside.
    Smith Rock, Oregon - last summer

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    Canyoneering, not climbing

    Also last summer, retraced the steps of the infamous Mr. Ralston, minus the amputation.
    Blue John Canyon/Horseshoe Canyon

    My only gear sponsor is the salvation army - Dick Griffith


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      Descending the Hogback, Mt. Hood. I'm last on the rope, about to cross the bergschrund. That haziness in the center of the photo is steam from the crater.
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        Somehow I've misplaced my older climbing pics, but here is as I recall one of, if not the first time I put myself on the sharp end. As I recall it's the Hand at Pinnacles NM, pic was in late 80's.

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