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    Originally posted by pa12drvr View Post
    With due regard to the original name (certainly not debating that), I do have an issue with the idea that "All Alaskans wanted it changed to Denali anyway."

    I have no beef with Denali, McKinley, the Big Rock, or Mighty Mac......but having lived in AK for the better part of 60 years, until the mid-80's when certain causes became more popular, there was a very identifiable segment of Alaskans that call the mountain "McKinley" another identifiable segment called in Mighty Mac.

    Neither of those names is inherently "right" (or wrong in my view), but I don't agree with the commonly repeated theme that "All Alaskans called it Denali".

    Piece spoken.
    "Much ado about nothing." Willy S.


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      Originally posted by iofthetaiga View Post
      Do you recall when the Bush administration proposed renaming tide tables back to the original Texas native name "tide mesas"?
      Bush was a bone head and Obama is a bone head and 16 years of the two of them have put us where we are. Using one as an excuse for the other one is as pointless as letting your kids play in the street because little Bully did and he got away with it!


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        I'm sorry if that sounded disrespectful to you iofthetaiga. Just tired of one party blaming the other party when neither one of them have been productive. It'll never happen but I wish they would abolish the parties. JFK was the last President to refuse to be a pawn and look where it got him.


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          the real question is..... what is mcdonalds going to do about their mckinley mac?
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          but its because I refuse to pimp products for free.


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            Originally posted by kwackkillncrew View Post
            the real question is..... what is mcdonalds going to do about their mckinley mac?
            What's a "mcdonalds"?
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              My boys call it McGag and Spew.
              “Move that fat ass Henry!”
              “Don’t swing your balls or you’ll swamp the boat!"


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