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Finding climbing partners in AK? Denali NP 6/22 to 7/9

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  • Finding climbing partners in AK? Denali NP 6/22 to 7/9

    Don't know if this really belongs here or if I should be looking elsewhere, but could someone enlighten me on where to find climbing partners around Denali NP? I am visiting a friend between 6/22 and 7/9 and would love to get out climbing a few days while she is working! Probably nothing too extreme; I have some experience winter climbing in the Cairngorms in Scotland and a little alpine and ice-climbing experience, but I'm mostly working on climbing moderate rock routes, sport or multipitch. That said, I can usually keep up--I'm acclimated to about 10,000 ft. right now (live in Leadville, Colorado in the winters...) I'd be down to do whatever I could while in AK... looking online, I found Alaska Mountain Forums website, but it appears to be outdated and I can't even register there. Is there another forum I should check out or is this the place? Thanks!

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    There are a few climbers around here and the site is growing but this forum hasn't caught on as much as some of the others. Hopefully you can get some more answers on your request as members get a chance to check in. Alaska Mountaineering and Hiking in Anchorage has a list of links on their web page that may help you as well


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      Definitely not the place to find a climbing partner. Try Leadville, eh? You must know my buddy Fritz at Melanzana. Hope you enjoy your time up here!


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        Try these two meetup groups:
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