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Free Denali Climbing Presentation in Seward! by Jeff Babcock / June 16th

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  • Free Denali Climbing Presentation in Seward! by Jeff Babcock / June 16th

    Jeff Babcock and his brother Bill were members of a rescue team that searched the upper slopes of Mt. McKinley (Denali) for seven missing climbers during the infamous Joseph Wilcox tragedy of 1967, which has gone down in annals of mountaineering lore as the worst climbing disaster in the history of North American mountaineering.

    Three books have documented the tragedy beginning with Howard Snyder's The Hall of the Mountain King, which was published in 1973. Eight years later Joe Wilcox came out with his account in his nearly 500 page epic entitled White Winds. Finally, in 2007 James M. Tabor's investigative account Forever On The Mountain brought into light some new details (still of a controversial nature), which had not been revealed in earlier accounts. Jeff's book, entitled Should I Not Return is the first account as told be a member of the actual rescue team that found three of the missing seven men, all of whom to this day remain as Tabor puts it 'forever on the mountain.'

    Numerous reviews have already been written about Jeff's book; they can be found on the book's website at <> or your can visit the book's links on or on Barnes &

    For more information about the Seward presentation please contact Dano Michaud in Seward at 362-1134. Jeff's Presentation will be at the AVTEC Auditorium Student Service Center, 519 4th Avenue on Saturday evening @ 7:00 pm on Saturday, June 16th.

    Jeff will be having future presentations in Anchorage at the REI store on Northern Lights Blvd. on Thursday evening, June 21st, and at the downtown Anchorage Fine Arts Museum on Friday evening, June 22nd. Registration is limited to 55 participants at the REI showing, so go online to sign up. Contact the Anchorage Rasmuson Museum for more information on the presentation slated for June 22nd.

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