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Snow in Hatchers pass?

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  • Snow in Hatchers pass?

    Does anyone know the snow depth, or if there is any good snow in Hatchers pass for snowboarding/skiing?
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    This is all second-hand information, but... From what I've heard, there was 2 feet in the top of the pass last weekend, but those warm winds destroyed all of the snow. There is supposedly enough for skiing back on the Lane Glacier, but that's quite a trek. It looks like we'll need to wait for another decent system to move in along with some cooler temps before we get our early season fix in Hatcher Pass.



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      its doable

      I was up there the last three weekends. weekend 1, at the very top of the pass there was enough snow. weekend 2, the road was closed and you had to hike back,, but there was 18-24 inches of wet snow. Last sat, much of the snow had melted from the wind, but there was enough to board, especially if you are willing to hike a little bit. The road is still closed.
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        Here is a great site for snow data:

        and another:

        and another:

        and finally for trail conditions, pretty skimpy now but as the year progresses there will be more info from around the state. I encourage folks to submit reports so we can have a good comprehensive view of conditions from around the state:


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