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Who's your fav. snowboarder?

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  • Who's your fav. snowboarder?

    I like Bryan Iguchi for some odd reason, & the Flying Tomato comes to mind, his moves are just RAD! But I saw an ESPN show on him & he did something after messing up a move & busting for skateboard, & that kinda threw me off...

    I'm just getting into some names but I hope that Callen Cythlook Siffsoff goes far...Alaska needs to represent in the Games!

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    Right at the present moment Travis Rice, he takes on big AK mountains or nailing huge technical airs at events. His new movie was pretty sick. All time favorites Terje, Craig Kelley and Damien Sanders.


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      johann olofson has to be my favorite even though i don't know how to spell his name, jeremy jone's spine runs and technical lines can't be beat and travis rice's freeride and freestlye skills and style are unmatched by anyone else.


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        jeremy jones, hands down the sickest of all time.


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          terje for sure check out 7601 on youtube


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            I rode with Callan quite a bit in G'wood. She rips. She carved up the moneys like nobody's business and forget about keeping up.

            Her brother is a wild man but he rips on a board.

            For watching someone carve a line on video, Jeremy Jones is the man!
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              If you like a few of these riders, First Descent is a MUST WATCH. I own this video and it is awesome!

              The Lineup:

              Shawn Farmer
              Terje Haakonsen
              Nick Perata
              Travis Rice
              Hannah Teter
              Shaun White
              The Alaska Life

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                Haakonsen draws some nice lines. Some of the gaps that he pulls on a snowboard are unbelievable.
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                "People who drink light 'beer' don't like the taste of beer; they
                just like to pee a lot." --Capitol Brewery


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                  is that warren millers first decent also if you guys have netflicks there is a bunch of his stuff on there, there all good or we wouldnt know who they are but that 7601 is just gnarly to me.


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                    Gonna go with T. Rice, check out "Thats it, Thats all", its all in HD and they used the same carmeas that were used to make "planet earth"


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                      I like Hannah, she's got some of my art
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                        Never got into being a fan like that when it comes to boarders. I had a couple buds that were great, one in particular that was amazing and I am sure could have taken it somewhere though he honestly never wanted it to become a "job". I have only seen a few guys that had that type of control and spatial awareness while pulling tricks add to that a near complete lack of fear and it was something to behold. He would take any drop then come back and build a kicker on top of it! For me I get vertigo in the air never getting past the occasional 360's and a couple back flips, now I wouldn't even do that for fear of getting hurt and being unable to work! I was always just happy to break trail in the flats for everyone (I always had the biggest board) and help build kickers for the crazy kids!


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                          Originally posted by LuJon View Post
                          (I always had the biggest board)
                          I'm a big board guy as well. I like the 174 powder board but will occasionally break out the 185 split tail. It's not very good on tracks but, WOW, it floats like a dream. The term "Mach Chicken" comes to mind!!

                          An AOD board day this winter would be fun. If anybody wants to hit cockroach at Alyeska, the trees are cut. It should add some interesting transitions, though the drop-in will be a bugger once it's tracked.

                          It's hard to mark a day on the calendar for something like that, more of a wake up or see a storm coming kind of thing. If anyone is interested, post your recommendations.

                          If we get a good dump and the pack looks solid, the Money's has a few nice lines and the tailout has been improved.

                          If not, we could do book a cat at CPG for an "employee" rate and enjoy a nice day on Sunny Side.

                          Then again, riding some new stuff is always nice!!!

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                          "People who drink light 'beer' don't like the taste of beer; they
                          just like to pee a lot." --Capitol Brewery


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                            There's some nice hills...

                            back here...Pilcher is some 1900+' high...& the tail to Russian has some gnarly lookin' peaks...I'd say December or January, would be best, if the rains don't make the hills all iced up...


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                              &amp; Oh yeah...

                              Why I like Bryan Iguchi...he gave up everything (endorsements) to do what he loved...snowboarding...


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