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  • Uses for old XC skis

    A friend has a bunch of old XC skis to get rid of. They range from old military white fence boards to commercial retail skis.

    I currently have an old pair of downhill skis that I want to try to make a pony-pulled sleigh with.

    Ideas for these others?

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    As far as the skis that are in decent shape, what about donating them to a school? A lot of schools get almost no funding for physical education, but would jump at the chance to get some donated gear. If you can't find a local school, send out an e-mail to the district offices of the rural school districts. If you find takers, I bet that NAC or another freight carrier would donate shipping for a cause like this.

    Other than that, old skis make for quite a spectacular bonfire.



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      Make a bench out of em. Or use em to make a fence. There's house in my neighborhood that has a white picket fence. Then you do a double take and see that it's all old white army issue skiis! It' great, I'd love to have it.
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        Build a chair!!

        I would first try to donate to a school.
        No a chair. I made a few for some "ski buffs".
        Big bucks in this operation...Have a look!


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          Old XC skis make great gust locks for airplanes. Through-bolt the tips and tails with wing nuts. The camber fits small plane tailfeathers pretty well. The tips can be cut off to shorten the overall length.


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            Some good ideas. Thanks guys, I'll lookinto the donation aspect.
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