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  • South Fork - 1/31

    Went skiing up Harp Mt. today. The best way to put it is as my friend described it: dust on crust. It wasn't terrible, but it was broken crust in some places and downright icy in others. There were a few pockets of nice snow, but that was the exception. Well worth the effort to climb twice, but not one of the better days I've had up there. There is an excellent base still there under the crust layer, so spring skiing should still be good despite our recent melt down. A word of warning, though - once we get another 8 inches or so on this icy layer, the avy danger could spike significantly.

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    harp mt.

    i too was up there on saturday. thought the riding was great despite the conditions we've been having. once you got going, that 4-6 inches made some great turns. if it wasn't such a beautiful day i may have had a different opinion.

    i also will agree on the potential for future avy danger. the ice layer is about 8 inches down and about a quarter of an inch thick with facets on top of that to make things worst.

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