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PWS/Whittier Telemark skiing

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  • PWS/Whittier Telemark skiing

    Does Anyone know about what the backcountry ski conditions would be like the first week in May out in the Prince William Sound near Whittier?
    I have a boat but never been to Whittier. The only time I can go on this trip with my son is early May. I thought I would bring skies, kayaks, shrimp pots and fishing gear But I would leave the skies if that its too late in the season for good snow near shore. Anyone familar with that area in early May?

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    In a typical year I'd expect the first week of May to be good, but if the sound is melting out anything like Anchorage I think you might be disappointed. Culross Island approached from Culross Passage is a good spot.
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