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  • .348 Win. stuff!

    156 rounds of factory .348 Win. 200 grain Power Point ammo in 20 round factory boxes. One box has 16 rounds in it, the other 7 boxes have 20 rounds each. Selling all together for $60.00 a box and will give the partial box to buyer. $420.00

    100 Woodleigh 250 grain .348 bullets for $100.00.

    200 Hornady 200 grain FP .348 bullets. $ 50.00

    IMR 4895, one unopened pound container and one near full. $40.00

    Have 18 bullets of unknown origin, might be Kodiaks. They weigh 250 grains and go with who ever buys all of this.

    Powder and loaded ammo won't be shipped. If some one takes it all I will knock $50.00 off of total price.

    .348 Win. RCBS dies. They appear to have had hard use, but are still functional. $15.00 or will give to any one buying all of this.

    Cash in Kenai works best. If you have other ideas state them here and then PM me and we can exchange cell numbers.

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    How about $400.00 for all the loaded factory ammo and $80.00 for the Woodleigh bullets and $40.00 for the Hornady bullets and $30.00 for the powder?


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      Woodleigh bullets sold on another web site.


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        All of the bullets are sold on another site. I still have 156 of the factory loaded 200 grain Power Points for $375.00 !


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          How about $325.00 for the 156 rounds of factory loaded Win. 200 grain .348 ammo?


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            Every thing was sold on another site.


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