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.444, 7x30, 7x57, 357 Maximum, 6.5x55 Ammo

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  • .444, 7x30, 7x57, 357 Maximum, 6.5x55 Ammo

    Located in Palmer, selling ammo from a widows husband that passed. 406-261-6499

    6.5x55 CBC FMJ 143g, 312 count. $13 per box, $10 per box if you take it all.

    7x30 waters Fed 120gr BTSP, 17 boxes $200

    7x57 Mauser, 1 bx 140gr, 4 boxes 175gr, few extras 106 rounds, $80

    444 Marlin 240gr, 4 boxes 80 rds, $120

    357 Maximum 67 rounds, $25

    5mm Rimfire, box of 50. $30

    256 win mag, 3 boxes of 50. Very hard to find. Asking $150 online for these. Not sure the market so open to offers

    I have yet to begin to procrastinate

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    I would be interested in the 5mm if it was on the Kenai. BTW, I bought a bunch of Centerion brand new a few years ago for $14 a box.
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      Ok, I just did a google search as I have no idea what this stuff is worth. It was more than that on Midway. Yeah $14 bucks isnít much. There will likely be a truckload of stuff going in the landfill. But in the meantime Iíll try to get what I can out of the old mans stuff.

      Iím selling a truckload of contender barrels, stocks, 788 6mm, hand reloaders, dies, primers, powder, bullets. Just working my way through it.

      Have a really cool 6.5 Grassl, 30-30 necked to 6.5 in contender barrel, pretty neat deer pistol

      I have yet to begin to procrastinate


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        "Just to be snoopy" where are you going to list all this stuff?


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          I put the barrels on eBay, listing the dies at a later date. I get no money out of the deal so just selling as a favor.

          30-30 10Ē SS barrel, 7mm TCU 14Ē, 222 Rem Mag, 357 Octagon with choke, 44 Octagon with choke, roughed in highly figured walnut contender rifle stock set

          Does: Herters 338, Lyman 222 Rem Mag, RCBS 357 Maximum, RCBS 7mm TCU, RCBS 222, 7-30 waters, 30-378, 300 wsm, 25.06, 280 Rem, 223, 6.5x55, 45/70, 357 Mag, 220 Swift. That I have found so far.

          6mm ammo and brass, 7 mag ammo and brass, 25/06, 7mm08.

          Really neat old hand reloader system with so many dies I donít even know where to start.

          The Rem 788 6mm was partially disassembled, Iíve found all the parts but the trigger guard and action screw. Itís in exceptional shape, 1975, owners manual, new vintage Redfield scope base/rings. I believe it was taken apart for a donor but never worked on before health went down.

          Win 54 target laminate stock, Mauser spotter stock with disc, buckle, buttplate, fancy walnut blank with cheek riser and no action or channel cut, a right handed left eye dominate stock of unknown rifle I am searching for a match, image reloading books (4 $2 bills fell out of one, I looked for the millions but no luck)

          Lee Load all 12 gauge I havenít looked at yet new in box

          Couple Mauser barrels in rough shape, 700 7mm Mag barrel in ok shape.

          Vintage reloading guides and ads

          TC contender shop counter mat, to protect glass and guns when showing

          A lot more brass, bullets etc that I havenít got counted and written down. You are more than welcome to come over and snoop.

          I have yet to begin to procrastinate


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            contender barrels 6.5 BB, 222 Rem mag, 7mm TCU, 30-30, 44, 357, gone, TC fiber optic sights gone, Lyman 310 hand loader and all 10 dies gone, most Lyman bullet casting molds gone,

            357 maximum, 357 mag, 7mm TCU, 45/70, 30-378, 12 ga Lee Load all sold.

            Dies left- 25-06, 220 swift, 222, 222 Rem mag, 7x30 waters, still for sale.

            Molds left- RCBS 28-168-FN, flat nose 7mm 168gr lead mold double cavity, Lyman 357 double cavity 155 gr semi wadcutter

            I also have an unfinished TC G2 stock in gorgeous walnut, would be a beauty all finished up.

            I have yet to begin to procrastinate


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