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    74 with a stroke at 64 and preparing for a move to a smaller place after 26 years in Bellevue. It’s time to reduce my inventory. I found a local dealer that will take them on consignment for 15%, which seems outrageous. While I live in Washington, Alaska has always intrigued me. I was ‘surfing’ one day and came across this site. It is the best broad scope site that I’ve seen and reminds me of what I’ve missed. I haven’t taken photos of all of the items, but if you have a genuine interest in an item listed, send me an email and I’ll get it out of the safe and take a couple pics. I’d much rather move them through this site and support the good work here than line the pockets of a dealer who already does really well financially. Prices shown are net, you pay transfer fees and shipping costs. Net price up front, transfer & shipping after you receive the item. I’m new at this so I don’t know how to do it better/simpler. However. It’s “for sure” that I’m not going to send you a firearm without having been paid. I will send you a complete description, photos, and serial number. Hopefully, this makes sense. If you are local to me or will be, we can do it F-F at a local dealer. FWIW, I’m jealous of you AK guys. S&H will be the most economical and every shipment will be fully insured. Let me know what piques your interest. All prices are OBO.
    $150 Shotgun Ithaca SxS 20 Ga Needs work
    $150 Rifle Chipmunk -- .22LR 4X
    $175 Rifle Thompson-Center Hawken .50 Walnut
    $175 Rifle Thompson-Center Big Boar .54 Blk Plastic tang Peep Sight
    $250 onversion SIG P-220 Elite .22 LR
    $385 Pistol Ruger Charger .22LR Bi-Pod
    $476 Revolver Ruger Bearcat .22LR
    $500 Revolver Smith & Wesson Air-Lite 331 .32 H&R Mag --
    $500 XXX H&K PTR, HK Accessories for PTR Scope Mount, Bipod,A3 stock
    $549 Shotgun Benelli Super Nova 12 Ga Sling
    $650 Pistol Safari Arms Enforcer .45ACP Enforcer - Aluminum frame Officer's .45 ACP upper
    $670 Pistol Caspian 1911 9mm Caspian Custom SS frame Springfield top 1/2
    $700 Pistol SIG P-226 9mm Threaded Barrel
    $850 Revolver Smith & Wesson S&W 686 .357 Magnum --
    $900 Shotgun Browning Model 12 20 Ga Box? Unfired
    $1,267 Revolver Smith & Wesson M29-2 .44 Magnum Target -- +4" barrel & M28 357 cyl
    $1,316 Pistol SIG P-220 Elite .45 ACP .22 Conversion unfired
    $1,400 Revolver Smith & Wesson M27-2 .357 Magnum Target -- 6"
    $2,383 Shotgun LC Smith Hunter Arms 20 Ga Nice
    $2,400 Rifle Kimber 82 .22LR Fancy wood
    $2,550 Rifle Winchester M70 .375 H&H 1952 B&L Scope
    $4,200 Rifle Kimber 89 BGR .30-06 & .375x62 barrels by John Dustin Fancy wood Conversion by John Dustin, Colorado Fancy wood interchangeable barrels .30-06 & .375x62, dies & cases, both unfired

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    15% for a consignment is pretty standard. You might try asking for a cap on the higher dollar items.
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      Kyle here in Alaska and I would like to see photos and description of issues and or problems with your Ithaca 20 Ga sbs shotgun. any idea what vintage it is? I can be found at Looking forward to seeing photos of your shotgun, Thank you, Kyle


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        Interested in the Ithaca. What "work" does it need ?


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          I am interested in both of your Thompson muzzle loaders. I tried to PM you but it won't work. Maybe not enough posts yet?Not sure. If you can PM me with your number, I'll give you a call.
          Thank you


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            Has anyone had a reply from 71Scamp?


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              First post....?


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