Swap an Sell Forum Rules

1) This forum may only be used to advertise items or services that pertain to the Alaska outdoors. Messages about items or services that do not meet this basic criteria may be eliminated without warning. We reserve the right to remove messages for any reason.

2) The Alaska Swap and Sell forum charges a commission on items or services over sold for over $100 as a result of their being on the forum. Here’s how it works: Posting is free. The current rules continue to apply. When you sell your item, we ask you to pay us 5% or $50 (whichever is less) as a sales commission, if the Alaska Swap and Sell forum was instrumental in the sale. We will send you an email reminder when you post a “SOLD” message under your for sale item/service. Please use one of the following methods to pay your commission. - THANK YOU!
  • Preferred method is Paypal, you do not have to have a paypal account to pay with this option. Go to and select send money, the address to send money to is:
  • Please send your check to Lost Creek Company, 16578 Permanenti Rd., Sutton, AK 99674.
  • or call 1.907.229.4501 (9-5, M-F) to pay with MasterCard™ or Visa™.

This is on the honor system. Items $100 or less may be posted and sold without commission.

3) Items or services that are posted that are contrary to state or federal laws will be removed. If you observe a message that appears to advertise something illegal please let us know immediately. Messages that are not in good taste will be removed.

4) Here is a list of items that may not be advertised. This list is subject to change at any time.

* MLM / Network marketing schemes
* "Canned hunts"
* Road vehicles and parts or accessories for them (exception: motorhomes and pickup/camper combinations and vehicles specifically modified for off road use)
* Items or services that you or your business routinely sell. We invite you to advertise these elsewhere on this website.
* Real estate (exception: parcels of Alaska land not connected to the contiguous North American road system)

5) This is not a discussion forum. If your post does not pertain directly to a swap or a sell, it will be deleted. If you do not like what you see, keep it to yourself. Again, if you feel that a message is advertising something against the law, contact us.

6) When you sell your item or no longer need your ad, please post a message to Michael Strahan, indicating it has been sold or that the original message no longer applies. Messages will be automatically deleted after two months, and may be deleted earlier if in our judgment they no longer apply.

7) No bidding / auction-type selling allowed. Set your price and go from there. Bidding on auction items makes it difficult for us to determine the appropriate commission, because the final amount paid may not have been posted.

8) No listing of other sites where your item is also listed for sale.

9) WARNING: While the internet is a great communications medium, its anonymity makes it a haven for scam artists. Sellers should be wary of unusually good offers. Buyers should note that publication here of items or services for sale does not mean that we guarantee, endorse or warrant them in any way. We have no way of knowing anything about these items or services, so you should exercise normal prudence when purchasing.

10) Your forum post will be deleted after 2 months, to keep the forums from getting cluttered up.
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Russian River Flies

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  • Russian River Flies

    Russian River Flies - $6 per doz (plus shipping)

    size 2

    Colors Available:


    Email if interested.

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