Arctic Oven Igloo Tent with every option for sale.




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  • Arctic Oven Igloo Tent with every option for sale.

    For sale.

    AT&T Arctic Oven Igloo cold weather tent.
    • color is multi cam camouflage. This is no longer listed as an option from the manufacturer.
    • AT&T heavy duty footprint (includes vestibule area).
    • AT&T interior floor saver.
    • AT&T attic option
    • 4 1/2" oval stove jack in tent roof. Also includes an additional 3" stove jack.
    • LP hose entry access front and rear.
    • Instructions / Set up guide CD, tent stakes and poles etc.
    • 2 bottles of seam sealer.
    • Several sets of tent stakes.
    This tent has the upgraded pole clips NOT the earlier first generation loops. It also includes a second complete set of poles.

    This package new today from AT&T would cost you in excess of 2700.00 plus shipping. I am pricing this at 1800.00 and the buyer will pay the actual shipping to your location once it is calculated. I can ship either USPS or UPS. I WILL ship this to Alaska also.

    The entire tent package weighs 60 pounds. It is in excellent condition and is not damaged in any way. It has been used a total of 10 days in Wyoming and Idaho on two hunting trips. The buyer will not be disappointed in the condition.

    Contact me here or at with questions.

    thanks for looking. If this ad is still up it is still for sale.
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    price drop. 1800.00


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