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Rules for the Alaska Outdoor Shows Forum

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  • Rules for the Alaska Outdoor Shows Forum

    We are providing this forum as a way for vendors and visitors to discuss outdoor shows that include components directly related to the Alaska outdoors. This includes shows both inside and outside the state of Alaska. The rules are simple:


    1. You may post dates, times, booth locations and offerings / show specials. Please do not use this forum as a way to display advertising materials or pricing information outside of the context of an outdoor show. In other words, we will delete posts that discuss your pricing and activities that are not in connection with an outdoor show.

    2. Vendors are offered this opportunity as a privilege. The site staff and moderators reserve the rights to edit or remove posts that are, in their judgment, in violation of the intent of this forum.

    This is a new forum, and we are sure that the rules may need to change as it develops. We reserve the right to alter the terms and conditions of this forum.


    Michael Strahan
    Site Owner
    Alaska Hunt Consultant
    1 (406) 662-1791

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