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    I have my computer bookmark set up to go straight to the shooting forum and have not wandered much. However, I do love to read, therefore you guys need to know.....

    I have to recommend three books written by Author Warren Troy! "Trails", "Wilderness Reckoning" and "The Last Homestead". I could not put them down. They are classics and once it gets a little colder I'm going to put a fire in the stove, shut down everything in the house that makes any noise and am going to a trip to Alaska via my three favorite reads!

    When you have a vivid picture in your mind as if you are watching it unfold on a screen then the Author has done his part. Warren Troy puts me right in the story like I'm hovering above it. Few books can hold my attention but these three captivated me. Some things didn't get done around the house that needed doing.......big deal, I was in Alaska for at least a short time!

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    Elmer, I just finished "Trails" last night. Fantastic read. It was hard to put down. Now to get the other 2.


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      Great topic! You might check out our Fireside Reading section in the bookstore. Lots of interesting reading in there. Here are some of my favorites:

      Books I've Read:

      Alaska's Wolf Man (Frank Glaser's story)

      Look to the Wilderness W. Douglas Burden's book, contains three chapters on his Alaska hunts on the Kenai Peninula many years ago)

      One Man's Wilderness (Dick Prennekie's account of his cabin at Twin Lakes)

      Shadows on the Koyukuk (life story of Sidney Huntington)

      Books on my Reading List:

      Alaska Tracks (compilation of stories of old-time Alaskans)

      Alaska's No. 1 Guide (Andy Berg's story)

      Kodiak Island and it's Bears (said by some to be the best book ever written on Kodiak Island bears)

      More Readings from One Man's Wilderness (Dick Proennekie's Journals)

      Shem Pete's Alaska (history of the Dena'ina people of upper Cook Inlet)

      Alaska and Me (Billy Molls guide stories)

      Have fun!

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        Sam O White, Alaskan, by Jim Rearden.
        Working on the edge, Spike Walker
        Nights of Ice, Spike Walker,
        Shadows on the Tundra by Tom Walker

        ill conjure up more.

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          The Cheechakos and This Raw Land; both written by Wayne Short.


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            You guys should go to the Alaska authors book sale at the Anchorage Museum; they have a huge selection of local authors' books, and usually the author is there to sit and discuss literature and/or autograph/dedicate books. (I met and spoke with Vic Fisher and got a dedicated copy of his autobiography last year.)

            To add to your list, "Fire and Ice: Tales of an Alaska Volunteer Fire Chief" by Dewey G. Whetsel ISBN: 978976681.

            While I haven't read it myself, I gave it as a gift to a firefighter friend in Florida and she said it was an incredible book. It's slowly making its away around her fire station now, I think.

            Edit: correction: It's the Read Alaska Book Fair, and it's held the last weekend in November each year at the Anchorage Museum.


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              "Arctic Village" is a surprisingly entertaining case study of Wiseman, circa 1930.

              Bob Marshall was a forester and east coast academic, but man he did a phenomenal job of describing the folk who made a living pulling gold out of the ground and the Koyukuk Athabaskans who lived in the area. I understand that there are still people pissed about the gossip he wrote, 90 years later. In my opinion, Arctic Village could have been written by Mark Twain, although it is more of an anthropological study than a story. It's that good. Honestly, I don't know how accurate it is. Not sure how much I care. Even if there are inaccuracies, I think there is a lot of truth.

              If you are going to buy it new, I'd encourage you to consider buying it from the University of Alaska press directly, instead of from a third party. They are doing a wonderful job of publishing both new and old Alaskana, and I think it's worth supporting them.

              Howard Luke: My Own Trail isn't fantastic literature, but is a fast read and is probably a book that anybody who lives in the Interior should have read. He was an insightful man. If you read fast you'll finish the book on a Sunday, and you'll have gained an perspective on some things that's worth knowing.


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                "The Final Frontiersman" by James Campbell. This is an excellent story about the life of Heimo Korth and the family he raised while living in ANWR.
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                  Here are some Alaska themed books I can recommend. Each book has special meaning, as I read each book over the summers during the course of my job surveying land in remote parts of this Great State.

                  Bear Man of Admiralty Island by John Howe

                  The Sea Runners by Ivan Doig

                  Coming Into the Country by John McPhee

                  Going to Extremes by Joe McGinniss

                  Alaska Bear Tales by Larry Kaniut

                  Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer


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                    I need some new books to read!

                    Here are my recommendations:

                    Final Frontiersman - James Campbell
                    Really enjoyed this book about Heimo and his family in ANWR. I wish there was another one

                    Shopping for Porcupine
                    - Seth Kantner
                    I like the homesteading books if you can't tell. Kantner's writing and photographs are wonderful. I really enjoyed this book and message.

                    Riding the Wild Side of Denali - Miki Collins
                    This book is a great account of bush life with the Alaskan trapline twins. Their adventures are always fun to read! The icelandic horses are new to their adventures. Their sled dog adventures sound incredible! Really enjoyed this book. I love all the Trapline Twin's stories.

                    We Live in the Alaskan Bush - Tom Walker
                    Fun book by Tom Walker

                    The Kids from Nowhere - George Guthridge
                    Good read about what hard work can do.

                    Wager with the Wind: The Don Sheldon Story

                    Glacier Pilot- Beth Day
                    Fun read about Alaska aviation pioneer Bob Reeve.


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                      Not an Alaskan story but an early America story. Allan W. Eckart -- The Frontiersmen. One of the best reads that I've had. Middle 1700's to early 1800's. Chronicles the almost day to day living from journals of Simon Kenton. A man who actually rescued Daniel Boone and others after they were captured by Indians.
                      It's a cant put down book that gives great insight to the relations between settlers and Indians as America expanded across the countryside.
                      I've heard Eckart's other books are good also and need to pick another one up. I've turned a few on to this book and every one of them have said, fabulous read.


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                        Melozi By Michael D Travis.

                        About a teenage boy's summer job in Melozitna Hot Springs. It's a very easy read and I found myself wanting to read more and more. A good look into bush life in 1973 from the perspective of a young man who was eager to just get out. I can completely relate to that time in one's life where exploring is priority #1.
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                          I just finished "Dead Reckoning" By Dave Atcheson. Great book and very well written. He is a local author living on the Kenai Peninsula.


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                            Born on Snowshoes

                            by Evelyn B. Shore


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                              Great Alaskan reads all....allow me to bracket a bit....from the Canuck side, you can't go wrong with anything by Bradford Angier, Calvin Rutstrum, or Andy Russell...."Devil in Deerskins" ,about the life of Grey Owl, by his wife Anajareo, is one of my favorites. Recently read a novel by a native Siberian called "A Dream in Polar Fog"....really enjoyed it.
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