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I am relocating to Anchorage area soon, Need Advice!

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    Thanks Mike

    Originally posted by Michael Strahan View Post

    I raised my family in Anchorage (lived in Eagle River for a while at first). It's been good to us; everything we do during our normal work week is here. Plus we are centrally-located for fishing trips north or south out of town.

    Give me a shout when you hit town. We'd be happy to meet you and welcome you to Alaska. I will be overseas for a bit in June, but give a call and let's get together.

    Congratulations on starting this next big chapter of your life! What an exciting time.

    Tried to send you a p.m but it wouldn't let me. Guess I don't have sufficient privledges yet? Anywho, I appreciate the offer and will definitely look you up. So much to do.... So little time!


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      Originally posted by AkKevin View Post

      "4 legged son" that's funny.

      If you think you might find a place to rent in Anc. stay away from the north side of town. Also I would shy away from a large apartment complex and try to find a house on a cul de sac or backed up to some woods.

      If you are going to get out you'll need a back up gun. My 1st pick would be a S&W 460 staying away from too long of a barrel. 2nd for a general purpose in the woods hiking, fishing and not hunting perse a 12 ga. shotgun extended feed with barrel no longer than the feed,and possibly a folding stock.

      Have fun and good luck---Kevin
      Yeah he doesn't have any clue he isn't human and I don't have the heart to tell him. Thanks for the advice everyone. Its definitely been a big help.


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        Originally posted by JasonR View Post
        Thanks for the advice everyone. How do u feel about living in Anchorage proper? At least for the first year that is. Im having a hard time locating many rentals on the web. Are there any local listings or agents that I should try and contact?
        I see no issue with anchorage proper...Avoid Muldoon area as well as government hill area. I have always heard they are not the better parts of town...Plenty of agents and I say search the internet sites and go with the one that has someting that you are interested in..
        Reading the replies, I think you can see there are varying yet very spirited opinions on living in Anchorage vs Eagle River vs the valley... There are pro's and con's to both and it is your preference...
        Valley home costs are much cheaper...but fuel, miles/wear and tear on vehicle, and time spent commuting have many say it makes it equal or even more expensive in the long run. Others disagree or don't care because the commute is their 'unwind' time and they like a lil more room in the valley.
        There is no right answer...Its what you want.


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