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    Things have once again worked out, heading back to what I call home - Alaska. Have been outside since mid July 2010 attending a one year school, now heading home (well wife and kids heading there directly - me after a short detour in a place with Mountains, sand, and occasional mosque or two). So that said I'm driving them up the ALCAN again with all our stuff (KS to ANC) and wondering what I should drag with me. I brought about 20K lbs of stuff down that road last summer and now dragging it back up. Thinking of buying yet another trailer and taking more with me but honestly probably not worth the effort as things are closely priced (used) in AK as elsewhere. If you could shop for what you want and drag it up there with you what would you take.

    Wife wants some furniture (hate to write that as you can not pour gas in furniture or mount a scope on it so seems less than multipurpose but keeping the wife happy is a good thing).


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    May have luck making some money on the deal if you hit up the power boat forum. There are certainly a few guys hoping to get a boat from WA to AK for a reasonable cost.


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