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    I browse the forums now and then and always see people wanting to sell it all and head to Alaska.I think lots of good people give some great advise about heading up to check out different areas first.I wonder if the people wanting to come up ever check out various lodges that offer free room-board-meals in exchage for rolling up your sleeves and doing some work in return.Last September I spent 2 weeks with Claude and Jennifer at Alpine Creek Lodge and had a great time.I did dishes-trimmed windows-hung drywall-hung handrails-took out garbage ETC in exchange for a place to sleep and food to eat.What a great place and gorgeous country.I have a small construction business here in Penna. and have air miles on alaska air so my whole trip including a train ride from Anchorage to Talkeetna ran me $300.00.This September my son and I are headed up to Rasberry Island Remote Lodge with Birch and Tiffany for 10 days on the same work deal.We are taking a float plane in and again with air miles and the working deal we,ll only put out about $400.00 bucks each.Just be sure to hold up your work part of the deal.I,m hoping to find a place above Fairbanks for next year.It,s worth looking into-it has been great for me.Good luck

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    Man more outsiders coming up here and "takin our jobs!"... <grin> Sounds like you got it figured out there PC! One thing about AK is that hard work will take you farther here than most places.


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