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  • Moving from MN to Anchorage mid June

    Hello everyone, this is my first post in these forums. I come from and currently live in the Minneapolis area. About two years ago I fell in love with an amazing girl who is getting her doctorate in clinical psychology. For her final year residency/internship she was placed at the state hospital in anchorage and we'll be moving up there together this summer. I love the outdoors and I'm insanely excited and scared $h!tle$s all at the same time.
    She's 26 and I'm about to turn 27. I currently go to the University of Minnesota and work at a restaurant and as a lacrosse coach at my old high school. She'll be getting paid at her position and I'll try to find whatever work I can there to take care of us as well. I haven't searched extensively for housing but I think we'll be able to find a decent apartment. We aren't set in stone but our current relocation plan is to take what we can fit in our cars and drive up. Neither of us have any DUIs so getting through Canada shouldn't be too much trouble.
    I love to hunt and fish but have always done it on the lands and waters my family has hunted and fished for years, so I hope I can make some friends up there that can help in that regard. I've also been training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing and Boxing for about 5 years now and there looks to be a decent gym I can join in Anchorage.
    She and I both have a million questions but I'm gonna end it for now and start reading other parts of the forum. Anyone with valuable insights for me please chime in.

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    If your driving up, you'll need a passport to get back into Alaska... get ahold of a fairly recent (or new) copy of THE MILEPOST.. /John


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