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    We left in 1999 to live in the Lower 48. Why? Hell, we were nuts I guess. The move was OK we did a lot of things that we probably won't have done other wise. But now it is time to come on home. This time will be SE not south central.
    For those of you moving and don't mind doing the work yourself, get a container and pack it yourself and have it shipped to what ever you are going. We did this in 1976, 1999, and will do again as soon as our house sells in the 48.
    We've been over the Cassiar and the Alaska Highway many times and each and every time it is fun and exciting. Last year we were moving some items to our daughter's house (kids get to store mom and dad's stuff now and not the other way around) so we took the Cassiar up and the Alaska Highway down.
    I was amused at folks that complained about the highway conditions. The highway in June and late August was great! But I heard all the complaints of too rough, gravel too big, etc. too many flats, steering got out of alignment because of bad roads etc. I have one word for those folks: SLOW DOWN. Slowing down allows you to see more of the scenery and critters. We have more photos of moose, caribou, deer, bison, and black bears in brown, cinnamon and black phase, beaver, birds of all sorts etc. Just enjoy the ride and relax.
    It is like going fishing and leaving the cell phone on. Why bother to disturb our serenity.
    Have a good move to those of you coming here for the first time and for those of you like us welcome back.

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    Oh crap, more Finlanders in this state...

    Welcome back!!


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