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Motorcycle shipping prices?

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  • Motorcycle shipping prices?

    I'm trying to potential ship up a bike or two from the lower 48 and was wondering what kind of shipping prices y'all have encountered? One is in Georgia and the other is in Oregon.

    Also what methods have y'all used in shipping, plane, train, ship, automobile?

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    I would list it on and see what kind of bids you get back.
    The shipping companys bid for your shipments and you will see the best rates most of the time.
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      If you are in Anchorage call the following companies and ask for price quotes.. Carlile, SpanAlaska, Airland Transport, and Lynden. Have the origination city and weight of the bike ready for them and they will get you a quote.
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        Lets see...

        If the bike in GA is a nice Harley I will trade you 2.2 acres (located between Kenai and Soldotna) and I will pick up the bike.

        You then call Carlille Trucking at 1-800-478-1853 and ask for Shane Maroofo. He can tell you the requirements and costs for shipping the west coast bike to Anchorage.

        Just trying to help.


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          I will be driving from Spokane, Washington to Palmer, Alaska on the 21st of April. I will be pulling a 24 foot V-Nose snowmachine trailer empty. Let me know if you need anything hauled back up. So far all I have are some oversized tired for my truck. Best way to get me is send a PM here with your phone and email address and what you need hauled and where it located.



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            RE Drive up

            Hi Dave,

            Are you still planning the drive up? If so do you still have room on the sled carrier? I have a 92 HD FXR I need to get up here from Cali. If you have the room, send me a private email and we make arrangements?


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