And You Thought You Missed the Lower 48?



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  • And You Thought You Missed the Lower 48?

    What are some things that you thought that you missed from the Lower 48?

    Here are a few for me:
    1. Amusement Parks
    2. Fast Paced Life
    3. My Old Job
    4. History Museums
    5. Deer Hunting

    What are things that you thought that you missed, but would never give up Alaska to experience those things again?

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    1. Summer darkness

    2. Winter sun

    3. Lakes warm enough to swim in

    4. Water trapping where water does not have to be augered or chopped


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      1. Nothing.
      Vegetables aren’t food, vegetables are what food eats.


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        The only thing I miss is Yosemity Natl Park. We have some big rocks up here, but the rock climbing season and access just aren't the same up here.

        I don't miss it enough to move back!
        Those that are successful in Alaska are those who are flexible, and allow the reality of life in Alaska to shape their dreams, vs. trying to force their dreams on the reality of Alaska.

        If you have a tenuous grasp of reality, Alaska is not for you.


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          1. Crickets
          2. Thunderstorms
          3. Honeysuckle
          4. Darkness and warmth occurring simultaneously

          This list is vastly overshadowed by the list of things I do not miss, however.


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            I agree. I wouldn't exchange what we do and have now to ever go back to Colorado...
            ...but I do miss:

            1. Rocky Mountain National Park
            2. Noodles and Company
            3. Mass Transit System(s)
            4. Accessibility and sometimes Convenience (I still have to order my printer cartridges)
            5. I sometimes miss my family, too... but not often enough to move back for them... (tee hee)


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              Olive Garden


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                1. decent surf breaks
                2. warm water diving
                3. good restaurants
                4. easy profits
                5. family

                plus the stuff Ak Kid mentioned
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                just like to pee a lot." --Capitol Brewery


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                  I thought that I missed Boulder, Colorado too... :rolleyes:


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                    The cost of living

                    cheep gas
                    cheep reloading components
                    cheep housing
                    fly fishing in the FL keys
                    summer nights
                    year round grilling on the deck

                    But Alaska is heaven and the lower 48 is not....I'll take the trade
                    In the Bush


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                      I miss...

                      Wait a minute. I'm not there yet.

                      I'll get back to you in two weeks.


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                        As a forewarning.... you'll never want to go back.


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                          Desert sunsets, river tubing on the Fourth, sagebrush, Ponderosas, easy peak bagging, and being able to throw a rock in any direction and hit a hot springs.
                          "– Gas boats are bad enough, autos are an invention of the devil, and airplanes are worse." ~Allen Hasselborg


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                            Deer hunting
                            Elk hunting
                            Striper fishing
                            Longer summers

                            But would never trade for the God's counrty that I now live in.

                            Burbot for catfish
                            Moose for deer/elk hunting
                            Salmon for stripers
                            Great friends and neighbors for the summers

                            I love it here and really appreciate my friends and neighbors.
                            I give thanks to the vetrans, as they have aided in my priviledge to hunt and fish the great State of AK. and alow me to sleep safely at night.sigpic


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                              Alpine Sailing

                              I miss the I-70 Tunnels

                              4 true seasons with longer springs and falls
                              Easter Egg Hunts outside
                              I miss 4th of July ON 4th of July instead of seeing fireworks in the wintertime
                              I miss concert series, outdoor concerts, and Red Rocks
                              I miss major league baseball games

                              Sometimes I miss skyscrapers...
                              (This is a picture from my best friend's firm in Denver)

                              ...but not enough to ever EVER move back to a city.


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