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Laws for driving thru Canada

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  • Laws for driving thru Canada

    Whats the law if you'll be driving up from the lower 48 if you have a .22 rifle. with a 20 inch bbl, 40 inches overall. and would it be better to fly?? can you even take a rifle in your checked luggage??
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    You can do it either way. 1. Fly w/ it, declare it and have it in a lockable container. 2. Go through the border - declare it - pay your fee - IIRC - $30, fill out the paperwork, and be on your way.

    I brought some firearms up w/ me, in Aug 07, and all I had to do was tell the CA customs/border patrol. Upon telling them - I pulled off to the side, and went into the office w/ the paperwork that I had down loaded off of the CA website. Do some research on their website - it has all of the info.

    All in all, it took me about 30 min to transcribe the models and serial numbers onto their paperwork, pay my money, wave good bye and drive off.

    For me - that particular time - it wasn't painful at all. I've heard horror stories of people getting everything pulled out of of the truck - I didn't experience that - I was cordial and helpful - so were they.

    Matter of fact - I had the US Customs give me more of a 3d degree, coming into ID than the CA. I had an AK DL and mil ID, and she wanted to know "where I was going, and how long I was going to be there". I felt like telling her it was none of her D@MN business :mad:- but kept my mouth shut.


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      Just don't bring a pistol! I brought one thru and wound up spending 6 hours in their graybar hotel. I didn't know they were 100% banned (pansies) and when they asked and I told them I thought I was declaring it - wrong! They considered it "gun smuggling" and it cost me a brand new H&K 9mm USP ($850) and a $1,000 fine AND I was not allowed to enter Canada. They also set up a trial date about 3 weeks later which I did not show up at so I guess now I'm on Canada's most wanted list, LOL. I'm not worried; they know how many other weapons I had so I guess they have bigger fish to fry or they are scared of coming after an American that has a lot of weapons. I just brought two of my rifles up on the plane, both in one case, and TSA was totally cool about it.


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        If you plan on bringing a rifle through Canada stop at the US customs on the American side of the border and get the proper paperwork. This allows you to get the rifle back into the US when you reach the northern Canada/American border. Then drive over to the canadian customs and declare the rifle pay the $30 bucks, get the paperwork, and head for the northern reaches of the US.


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          Dwi ?

          If you have ever had a DUI or DWI you probably will not be able to enter Canada period! They consider those charges as felonies in Canada even though they may not have been considered felonies in the US. Canada will not allow any felons to cross the border.



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            border crossing guards

            brav01 has it right, hit all those places. if the 22 is semi clip fed they can deny you acess. the main thing is that no matter what paperwork you have the border guards can deny you acess for any reason, so plan accordingly.


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              boarder crossings

              Goingwest, I have been going through the Haines boarder for the past 8years or so and havent had a problem. I remember the U.S. sometimes being the hardest to get through.We always stop at the check point ,get out are guns and bring them inside. The agent will look at them,measure and fill out the paper work. I think its 25$ canadian thats good for 2months. Thay do have 18.5'' minimum for barrel length however, I did verify with them this last fall if the rifle has not been "altered" it was manufactured it would be ok. I bought a ruger compact for my 12yo daughter and wanted to make sure I could get it through(16.5''barrel). I also found the rule on handguns has changed. Through the Canadian website you can bring a pistol through, you need to have an ATT(application for an authorization to transport) filled out before arriving at customs. The pistol also has to have a barrel length of 105mm (4.1'') or longer. Thay also dont like any magazine that holds over 5 shots.This should answer any other questions Just like MikeL put it....the border guards can deny you access for any reason. good luck AK avenger


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                Depending on what you have, ship it to a gun dealer and have them hold it. You won't regret it and on top of it you won't have to worry about it.

                I have moved up and down from Seattle to Alaska 3 times. I was stopped 3 of the times and searched. I guess I look like a suspect at 5'4.

                I assume you are going to be coming up via van with your stuff. Make it easy on yourself and ship your guns. Say you get searched and they take everything out of your van. YOU will be responsible for putting the stuff they take out back in that van. That can take you a couple of hours. You don't want or need your guns to be added onto that headache and then get denied.

                Also... if you have your passport, bring it. If you don't have one, I suggest you get one. Depending on when you come up, the rules and regs may have closed with Canada by then. Something else to check into.


                Good luck.

                Originally posted by goingwest View Post
                Whats the law if you'll be driving up from the lower 48 if you have a .22 rifle. with a 20 inch bbl, 40 inches overall. and would it be better to fly?? can you even take a rifle in your checked luggage??
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                  IF you end up bringing them with you while driving, make sure they are packed somewhere sort of accessable. I used to live near the Canadian border, and one time saw a couple with all their belongings sitting on the ground at the rear of their U-Haul bacause they had their firearms stored in the front of the U-Haul.


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                    Originally posted by flhshvlhed View Post
                    ... Matter of fact - I had the US Customs give me more of a 3d degree, coming into ID than the CA. ...
                    This has always been my experience. I look up the rules in Canada, have my papers in order and all goes well. They have always been very nice.

                    But the US customs have always been difficult and kept us waiting.


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                      I got harassed really bad coming back to NY from the Canadian customs; she couldn’t understand that I didn’t have any weapons on me because I had Ammo in the trailer… I tried to explain that I mailed my guns back and to save money I decided to bring the ammo back myself in the trailer. We went back and forth for an hour on that she never had me get out of my truck we both were polite finally she let me go. When I got to North Dakota they tore my truck and trailer apart looking for guns… my guess is that she called down and gave them my plate and told them I was smuggling guns.
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