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  • Things you wished you had brought

    What are the things that you wished you had brought up when you moved here.

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    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I wish i would have kept my old 72 Chevy step side pickup. Straight 6 250 in it but the truck was in mint condition.
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      A good women..........:rolleyes:
      ALASKA is a "HARD COUNTRY for OLDMEN". (But if you live it wide'ass open, it is a delightful place to finally just sit-back and savor those memories while sipping Tequila).


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        Wish List

        My 40'X60' heated shop and more money!!
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          Lot's of money.
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            Wish I was able to bring up my 1996 Z-28, LT1 6-speed convertable. Would have been nice to trade in my wife's mini-van for the new 2003 Chevy Trailblazer LT instead of my Z-28.
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              a few things...

              More of the heavy old camp "furniture" that I thought would be impractical to get out to the field in Alaska. Chairs, beds, cast iron, and the likes would be a lot more usable than I thought. I brought some at least.

              Heavy leather for projects. I brought some vegetable tanned and latigo but I am surprised how fast it is being used up for projects and repairs and how expensive it is in Alaska.

              More real black powder.

              Then there is all the junk that my wife did bring....


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                I wish I would have had room for my ice fishing gear (i.e. auger, portable fish house, aquaview, vexilar, etc), my 3 wheeler, my taxidermy mounts and my recurve bow collection. All of this is still in storage in MN. Anyone driving up here from the midwest next summer that has extra room for some "stuff"? I would help pay for the gas.


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                  Oh grief.
                  What a good thread!

                  *Crate and Barrel sectional couch. I thought that I could replace it here, but not worth it for the $1,800.00 for shipping and handling ALONE! I bought it for super cheap down there. I wished I brought it here.
                  *LoveSac bean bag. I still want one.
                  *I wished that I was able to get some of my brother's and my parent's photo albums and scan some pictures in my computer system before I made it up here. It's hard to retract and to go back and accomplish all of that.
                  *My cello. I had an instrument 'on borrow' and the organization that I played for offered for me to purchase it. I still would/could and we have decided that 'one day' I will buy it, but it's still sitting in a room in a basement in the middle of Denver at the hall I used to rehearse in. I don't think that I'll see that cello for a couple more years. It was a Jacobus cello. Originally, we didn't think that it could withstand the move. It probably couldn't. I could have had it shipped, but every instrument that I have had shipped to Alaska has been crushed. I have an instrument on 'borrow' now, but I might as well just purchase a new cello. (Frowns)
                  *I had this chest of drawers set from my parents. They brought this cherry wood set back from the Philippines over 30 years ago. I think that I would have only kept it because it was so sentimental, but we were overweight on our trailer (because of my Land Rover), so I decided against bringing it here and I regret it.

                  I thought that most things would be replaceable. Most things have been. I sold a great deal of my outdoors gear before I left Denver except a few pertinent items including my pack, but my pack has depreciated a great deal since moving here that I probably should have sold that and kept things like my ice axe, my tent, and other things. I have started replacing things one by one and it's costing more than what I anticipated. The only 'big' thing that I have replaced has been my snowshoes. I'll never again sell any of my outdoors equipment.

                  One last thing.... I have lost things. I have lost pictures and photos of my children. I have lost paperwork. I consider myself to be pretty organized, but I have LOST important things that can not be replaced. You know at the end of a move when you just start putting things into boxes? I got to that point. I was sick of seeing everything and I couldn't decide on what I needed, so I just decided to take the last of everything.
                  Those are now currently the boxes that are still sitting in our hangar begging me to unpack them. I should... for fire starter for our wood boiler.


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                    Originally posted by OffTheRecord View Post

                    Then there is all the junk that my wife did bring....
                    She 'probably' needed them. Good on you for letting her choose to bring what she wanted to.
                    It's hard for women to distinguish what's important and replaceable because they are almost all emotionally connected with every bit that is involved in the move.


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                      Originally posted by Hopeak View Post
                      A good women..........:rolleyes:
                      Ditto! Even a fairly good one would work.

                      All in all though, I found the best this summer. Just have to persuade her to accept a ring.

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                        Originally posted by Hopeak View Post
                        A good women..........:rolleyes:
                        Pfffffft.............Imports. I brought one with me and had to sent her back. The better women are actually found here.
                        Now what ?


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                          My 38' Delta dive boat! I miss that baby more and more every day.
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                            My comic book collection! We moved here when I was a kid and the comics went into the trash. When I think of what I had, I think I could buy a Glacier Craft with the collection!
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                              have not found something that i going to miss
                              as for miss a good women ..well i had one and now she with the lord ,,i found another one day i hope


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