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Moving From Australia to Alaska

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    You may need to apply for a work visa. I know that when my Nieces fiance came over from England he had to wait four months before he could work. I would go to the American Embassy and ask first.


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      Originally posted by beachbunny View Post
      i never knew it was that bad in aus. dave,i had always wanted to go visit ,i guess too much crocodile dundee.i wanted to do NZ also .
      yeah, the bus is gone.
      I just saw this, Yeah its not good over here. Australia was never a GREAT country in a sense like the USA. But for a significant while there in our history we didnt have much but we were going in the right direction and doing some good things and building our nation well. the past 50yrs and especially the last 30yrs the country has not been good, not bad but a gradual decline. I dont want to be political or anything like that but lots of bad things in Australia have been happening and "ramping" up in the amount and types of things happening, Australia has alot less freedom than the USA, but we do have a high standard of living/wages and national health like canada, I want freedom, not medicare.
      Australia is not a bad place, It is me that doesn't fit with Australias direction, I find myself agreeing with and living a lifestyle and having the same values as alot of Americans.

      The country can be really beautiful, but mostly desolate and semi baron landscape. I came from the mountains and the snow and I want more mountains and snow in my life. hence this move.....

      not to be negative, I just read the writing on the wall, and I just want to be a part of a community that I can relate to. I am a Man, Men are disappearing in Australia.


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        Men are disappearing everywhere. Bet you'd be surprised how many guys under 30 living suburban or urban who couldn't change a tire. I look at my uncles who are now in their 60s and 70s(some gone). Growing up on the farm they could do more at 12 or 14 than most mid 20s guys can do now. They didnt have a choice as poor farm kids trying to help their parents scratch out a living. <br/><br/>Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk<br/><br/>


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