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ship a few heavy items...oregon to alaksa

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  • ship a few heavy items...oregon to alaksa

    Ive been checking...I am driving up ( well taking the ferry) but I have some stuff I still need to get to Alaska that I cant fit. Basically, 4 mounted snow tires, hydrallic jack, 3 tool boxes, a table saw and one unassembled press. I have contacted some places and they say they either don't deal with the public, or its too small of a load.
    Not in a giant hurry, would be nice to have up there by july/august

    I HAD someone lined up that was moving to anchorage, full size truck, hauling a large trailer and could fit my stuff and charge me 200 bucks, but his job and plans fell out.

    Fairbanks is final stop but I can drive to anchorage if needed

    any ideas ?

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    If you crate the stuff Lynden Transport will haul it to Anchorage or Fairbanks. If you can drop it to them at Fife WA that will save a few dollars on that end...
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      Driving up with a Uhaul? And with car tote? Can you pull a Uhaul trailer?

      Span Ak and Alaska Freight Forward are LTL, did you try them?

      Someone driving up is an option too if you can make the deal.


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        thanks for the idea's. I will look into those freight services. My ferry trip was paid long ago and when my other deal fell through I contacted the ferry company to see about hauling a small trailer too....but the ferry was already booked solid by that point. Leave in about 12 days now, so canceling and driving the al-can would be expensive....would have to eat 50% of the ferry booking for short notice cancel, plus I have to be back in Fairbanks by june 1st. My Toyota 4runner is gonna look funny, loaded to the max inside with only room for me to sit, and the full length rack on top loaded about 3 feet high. Plus I cant drive through Canada with some of the things I want to haul.....that go boom


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          Might look into Alaska Air Cargo--my son lives in Oregon, and I've been known to have stuff shipped (free) to his place by companies that don't ship to AK and then turn around and air cargo it to Fairbanks. Shipped a planer, table saw stuff, etc and price wasn't horribly unreasonable.


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