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    With my wife in the medical field we must locate within an hour driveof hospital and be on roads that are maintained for her to be able to work. Ihave always grown large gardens and been able to put up enough vegetables forthe year for my family and even a few others. I also put up enough fish, andgame meat to do my family from year to year. We also raise dairy goats for milk,hogs, meat rabbits, chickens for meat and eggs as well. My concern is I havenever been to Alaska and from my understanding there are parts of Alaska thatare better for gardening and harvesting game for the table as well. We plan torent for a while and take the time to look around before purchasing anyproperty.

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    The hospitals in Soldotna and Homer would be worth looking into. They are both are expanding lately and have been hiring.
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      In addition to the areas mentioned above, I'd also look at the outlying areas beyond Palmer. The farming is probably the most productive in the state, and you're in a reasonably central area from which to base hunting and fishing trips. Understand that good hunting and fishing usually starts with a 3-6 hour drive regardless of where you're at - at least to achieve variety and better odds of success.


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        Might look at Juneau or Sitka.
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          As a general statement you'll likely find that having a garden that will yield a years supply of produce will take a lot more work and skill than in the lower 48, and the same can pretty much be said for harvesting big game. Fishing is the one area that getting in a years supply of fish is not that difficult.

          I'd take the tact of learning about the state and figuring out what areas appeal to you the most and finding a good job in one of those areas. You'll have to make adjustments to making the hunting, fishing and gardening work, but that's for anywhere in the state.
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            For production gardening you will want a green house and raised beds. Here are some good books for cold climate gardening to help you get started with the basics.



            It looks like you are used to a mini-farm situation with the garden and livestock. That is doable up here, but you are going to have to do a lot of boots on the ground research to find a piece of property that is suitable. Keep in mind that most of Alaska is a swamp and people selling land want to tell you otherwise. And you are going to need lots of money. If on a single medical staff salary you may not easily achieve what you are wanting to do in the most optimal location. Its possible, though.

            Unless you live in a remoter area most folks travel pretty far to hunt big game. There is not an overabundance of deer or other critters up here. Its all hard work and lots of time afield.


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