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  • Chains?

    I've driven up the AlCan three times, all in the summer. Looks like I have a mid Jan/early Feb trip on the horizon. Crew Cab 4x4 pulling a 14-16 foot trailer. For those of you that made the trek mid winter, did you have to chain up along the way? I can pick up a set or two if needed in CDA, ID for a couple hundred dollars. Trying to think of where I might need them besides that long hill by Toad River Lodge and just after I cross the border north of Bonners Ferry. Going through Edmonton then west to Grande Prairie etc. Going to avoid the route further west to miss the mountains.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I drove it once in Feb. in a two wheel drive truck with Alaskan camper. No problems at all and definitely didn't need chains. The gravel they throw on the road embeds itself in the ice and has good traction. At least that's the way it was for me. Probably one of the nicest trips I've made.....
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      If you decide to get chains you should get a cheep set that will fit the trailer as the truck will stop with chains but the trailer will be free floating .


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        I have done it in the winter 2 times with a F-250 4X4 with a truck camper. Once with studded tires once without. As long as you are on the main road route 1,2, and 97 it should not be a problem. Coming up 37 and it is a whole new game. Not as much traffic and plowed when they feel like it.

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          I've done it many times in winter by various routes. Have only had to chain up a couple times. That said, I wouldn't even consider making a trip like that without having chains onboard. Better to have them and not need them, than to need them and not have them.
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            I have a half dozen winter runs of the Alcan under my belt, three times with trailers. Never needed chains. I did have to wait for snowplows once, but I'd rather wait than put up with chain issues on a pickup. Semi's, that's another story. I don't go anywhere in winter without chains in my big trucks.
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              Chains are like handguns. Better to have and not need, than need and not have. A shovel and tow strap are like carrying extra magazines [emoji6]


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                If a guy feels that he has to keep pressing on at all costs then by all means, bring chains. If not, then if the snow gets to piling up too much for your liking then just pull off and wait awhile for the plow. They keep the road maintained pretty well these days.....
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                  Seems like cheap insurance for the cost, I wouldn't personally do the trip in the winter without them.

                  If I had to choose between the two i'd put studded tires on first.

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