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  • Help the noob please.....

    Too many trips to Alaska and constantly thinking of cutting out the middle man (the airlines) and living the dream.
    We've already started the process of selling out down here in the south and have set a goal of being/living in the Anchorage
    area (I still work and need to work/hospital pharmacist) by first of 2016.
    So I hope I'm employable, the she-ruler is a banker but willing to wait tables if that's what it takes!
    Here is my question (and how I found this forum, which by the way is TOTAL Alaska!), she wants to live in something like this:
    Have any of you seen anything like this in Alaska? If so any clues to suppliers/dealers/contractors who could build something like this?
    When she found it and said this is what I want after I get up there I googled quonsets (quite a history) and realized strength wise their great but one has to be smart when insulating it to avoid condensation....that said it seems like the spray in foam is the way to go to prevent what I call cold spots and places for water to condense--thoughts?
    It was easy to find spray-in-place foam installers in Anchorage but I could find no suppliers of quonset huts
    Anyway great forum. This is not a great introduction but I plan on several hundreds of hours of study here

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    Diamond H riding stable has a hay barn that looks a lot like that picture. No windows though. They are in Anchorage.
    I may be slow, but I get where I'm going!


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      I think (but not certain) the Municipality of Anchorage doesn't allow quonset huts for residential units anymore. Although there are still some around, can't say I've ever seen a new one.


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        While it may look cute, I think after a winter or two what your wife will really want is a house with great Southern exposure and lots of windows. There is something to be said for more conventional construction to deal with moisture and insulation.

        Just saying after 17 winters up here.
        Those that are successful in Alaska are those who are flexible, and allow the reality of life in Alaska to shape their dreams, vs. trying to force their dreams on the reality of Alaska.

        If you have a tenuous grasp of reality, Alaska is not for you.


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          A banker and a pharmacist want to move to AK; work and live in Ancorage area and reside in a quonset hut.....:shot::think:


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            I priced a similar building for a shop. Unless you buy it in the states and haul it on your own trailer the shipping from WA to AK costs more than the building purchase price. I know if I shopped around I could probably find a cheaper shipping deal going in with someone. The guy down the street has a small 15x20 arch shop that he hauled up with a buddy that was buying a flat bed work truck in the midwest and driving back.

            There used to be a local dealer rep for one of the arched building companies, but I have not seen his cards around for two or three years. I know when I looked into it through several companies none of them listed a local AK rep.


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