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Bear attacks/charges/maulings???

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  • Bear attacks/charges/maulings???

    Howdy! I would really like to hear some of your "close call" experiences regarding bear charges/maulings/attacks. Please don't hold back on the details if you don't mind. live and learn no doubt.

    I would like to read about what went wrong and what could have prevented the encounter.

    My wife and I are moving to Alaska in a couple of, if you don't mind...educate and scare the Blue Twinkies out of me.

    HA! ;)

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    I've actually been stepped on by a brown bear...though the story will have to wait until tomorrow. The hour is getting late!



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      From Todays Anchorage Daily News

      Anchor Point jogger survives mauling by grizzly
      YEAR'S FIRST ATTACK: Sow, likely defending cubs, charged out of brush.

      By ALEX deMARBAN
      Anchorage Daily News

      Published: May 31, 2006
      Last Modified: May 31, 2006 at 03:41 AM

      Michael Mungoven and his two dogs were jogging the backcountry trail near his Anchor Point home Sunday morning when a full-grown grizzly ripped through the brush like a 400-pound bullet.

      The hunched beast stared at him.

      "There was a pregnant pause, then things went to heck," Mungoven said by phone from his hospital bed in Homer on Tuesday morning.

      It's not legal to reproduce copyrighted materials -- see the rest of the story at

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        Bear Sighting

        Seen A 3 Yr Old Brown Bear In The Lower Skilak Boat Launch Parking Lot Yesterday, Looks Like Its Been Hanging Around The Campground For Awile Now Be Careful Doesn't Seem Afraid At All Of Humans


        No Seals Though


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          There's a book (actually, a series) called, I think, Bear Attacks that's nothing but bear attack stories. I don't recall the author's name. Always good to learn from other people's mistakes/experiences. I highly recomomend the book(s).


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            Bear Attacks...Book


            I have that book "Bear Attacks" from a few years ago and I just packed it away for the trip up north. I think that it is an Outdoor Life publication...not sure though. I got it from some book club. Valuable info for sure.


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              Those would be Larry Kaniut's books. I really enjoy reading his writings.

              Last year I was fishing down at Beach Lake with a friend late at night. On the docks there are a couple of trash cans that never get cleaned out, also people throw away their old bait and cocktail shrimp in these cans. After a couple of weeks they overflow and spread trash everywhere. Well, the trash cans were knocked down and the trash was spread everywhere. I thought some young punks were doing it because they thought it was funny or something. I didnt think much of it. While my friend and I were fishing on the small old dock we heard a noise behind us. It was a small blackie at the edge of the dock eating trash. I was almost positive the bear was going to walk out onto the dock towards us to pick through the rest of the trash. My friend has never seen a wild bear in his life and almost lost it, I suppose starring at a black bear about 20 feet away blocking the dock ramp isnt the best first experience one could hope for. The bear wasnt real aggressive and just walked towards the boat launch and then into the woods.


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                Blackie ran me off a gravel bar on the Kenai

                Last October I was fishing for bows off a sandbar at Morgan's Landing. We had seen a large black bear a couple of hundred yards upriver checking out the bars for fish but after about 20 min he went up and over the bank. 30 minutes later I was the only one left fishing and I heard what sounded like a wet dog shaking back up the trail. 10 minutes later I started hearing the woof woof and teeth snapping. I packed up and left. The next day I took photos of the tracks he left where I was sitting. I never saw him when I left, and I was looking pretty hard.



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                  Anchor River

                  A number of years ago I was fishing for Kings on the Anchor River along with approximately half the world's population. To get away from some of the tourists in a crowded hole I decided to fish from the other side. I crossed the river upstream, worked back through the woods, and picked my way through some deep water to a submerged sandbar that sat in front of a slough and started fishing. After a couple of minutes a bunch of gulls started screeching behind me and then there was an enormous splash that got the back of me pretty wet. I turned around and there was a black bear standing in the slough almost within spitting distance of me (he had apparently just jumped off a tall cutbank into the water). We both just stood there for a second looking at each other and I realized I had nowhere to go unless I wanted to start swimming because I was already up to the top of my waders in the water. So, I turned around and started fishing again (careful not to hook the bear on the backcast...) and the opposite bank erupted in flashbulbs as all the tourists got a picture of the moron who apparently didn't realize there was a bear right behind him. The bear moved along to the other side of the slough and back into the woods but his cameo scared enough folks out of the hole that I was able to cross back over and was able to fish it from the better side. Thanks, bear.


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                    I have to say the worst experience was back by Wolverine Peak, located in south Anchorage. This is a long story, and details I think I'm saving for a book on day...

                    Earlier on our trip up the mountain... We had seen some fresh Bear tracks, so we knew as always to talk, make sure bells on our packs were making decent noise on the way up. Basically while returning from our hike, we were traveling down a skinny path through some brush.. not making any noise because we were sooo tired. As we rounded the trail making a u-turn around a corner... My friends girlfriend screamed BEAR!!!

                    It was clearly a brown bear, female and she was pretty upset at the fact we scared her. I've been bluff charged several times in my life... As well my friends. We knew what to do, which was stay close. Her charges and sizing us up was not your normal charges. We thought this was it! I've also never heard a bear in all my experiences make a noise... She grunted and paced.

                    I thought we were going to die... I thought in my own head this is it... of all the ways I would go, I was going to be a meal.

                    We could not go back, because it was up hill. We could not go through the brush because it was all devils clubs. The bear had the trail.

                    We finally got sick of it, sun was going down, (August) and we had to get going or die. So we planned on our own charge.

                    We slowly dropped our packs, took off our jackets, and when she turned away from us, we put our jackets over our head and took two steps forward yelling like there was no tomorrow. She flew into the brush... but stayed there.

                    I was voted to take the lead... we made our noise like crazy people almost in tears and moved passed her down the trail. At the same time the bear moved up further in the brush away from us.

                    Much more to the story.. we got lost in the dark, but managed to make it back to the car once the moon came back out. I'll never forget that... and to this day I'm so so so careful out there.


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                      Thanks to All...

                      AK Guy...Pryde...Casper50...All of you for that mater...

                      What an experience! And all lived to tell about it no doubt. I know someone who did the same as far as charging the bear and everything came out OK with the whole confrontation. Probably not recommended but last resorts are last resorts. Thanks to all of you for responding to my post. It is one thing to read about it in a book but it is different/better for me anyway to read about it here.

                      I have learned so far, not to fear but to respect these creatures and use common sense, carry a big gun and or pepper spray. HA!

                      We are almost finished packing here in Oregon, my wife and I will head out within a few days for the two week drive up north. A move that has been coming for almost 26-years now. It has been many moons since I have felt Butterflies in my gut and all I can say is they are back with a vengeance and it feels like they have been pumping iron. Again....HA! ;)

                      Be Safe..............Ed


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                        Larry's Bear attack website


                        The Gene Moe story is pretty riviting a brow: he survived a bear attack armed with a Buck 110 and fists.Gene is a real great guy to talk with, as well.
                        pretty humble about it. He gave a lot of credit to the folks that rendered first aid and helped evacuate him.
                        I, so far have not had any bad scrapes with bears. I have seen a few browns ran into several blackies, nose to mose with a black bear in the Huachuca Mountains-he was turning and running just as I came around a tree.


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                          Great books I agree! Larry Kaniut was my high school English teacher. He made us read his book and I believe proof-read one that was not released yet ha!

                          A great guy and an unusual character!

                          Books are well worth a read and resource...
                          Cheers :)
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                            I have told these stories on the AOD several times, but they really amount to this -

                            I know three people who had been attacked by brownies. I know zero people who have been attacked by blackies.

                            My grandfather got his leg chewed on, and Harley got ate.

                            In my years here, I have not had a single bad encounter with any bears, and, I have seen a lot of em... as in A LOT!

                            During the summers of 82-84 I worked on the Snettisham Powerline, and running into bears was pretty much a daily occurance.

                            My story gets to take a change this year. I had my first unnerving encounter in my own frigging yard!

                            I take quite a few photos of bears (mostly blackies) on the road system here in Juneau. Several photos are from just a few feet away. I have started watching their eyes a lot more after reviewing the pics. I had one bear that was not only intent on staring at me, but, would have stepped on me had I not moved. He was building his buffer zone, and there is no doubt in my mind. So, I started avoiding him later in the season. Most of them, when they became aware of me, would stare off into space and wait for me to stand down. Which, I always do - and, we all get along hunky dunk.

                            Then, in October I was working on the porch with a friend. A small blackie walked by the place, and I thought, "Cool - one last picture this year and I don't even have to leave the yard!" I went inside and grabbed my camera and started walking through the yard. As I came around to the back, the bear was there about 20 feet away or so. Before I could raise my camera he sort of snorted and hopped at me. I think I said something like "WHOA THERE!"

                            He didn't get his picture taken. I went back inside and started laughing at how embarrassed I'd have been to have been beaten up by a little black bear in my own yard.
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                              My story from 3 weeks ago....

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